At Nuxeo, we know that insight leads to improvement: analytics is key to maximizing the business value of digital assets. For any business that wants to get more from its content, analytics are no longer just “nice to have” — they’re a necessity.

In The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management (DAM) For Customer Experience, Q2 2018, Forrester Research took a close-up look at how Nuxeo and other DAM vendors stack up in content performance analytics.

Nuxeo was rated a “5.0” (the top available score) for content performance analytics. According to Forrester, the 5.0 rating is reserved for providers with “superior capabilities.”

Nuxeo’s content analytics capabilities go beyond the final product — deployed assets. Now, you can gain insight into the processes that are involved in asset creation and deployment, directly in the DAM interface.

Workflows Matter

How your team gets things done is one of the biggest factors impacting how much they get done — and how effective their efforts are. What if you could manage your digital assets while learning more about how your teams and agencies are creating, editing, deploying, and using them? What if you could figure out which of your workflows are working for you … and which aren’t working at all?

Now, you can.

It all starts with Nuxeo’s native workflows capabilities. Out of the box, the Nuxeo Platform is equipped with robust analytics capabilities, including real-time graphical reporting on content, search, and workflow activities and durations. All the data is collected natively, so you have everything you need to analyze it.

Want to learn which people on your creative team are meeting deadlines — or whether a review process is holding up your content factory for longer than necessary? Using Nuxeo’s built-in capabilities, track your processes for inefficiencies and hidden problems.

Some Nuxeo customers use hundreds (or even thousands) of creative agencies. With Nuxeo DAM, they track content created by each agency. The result: a better understanding of typical timelines and results and a more accurate picture of which agencies are underperforming, and which types of content are easier for some agencies to deliver than others.

Boosting Efficiency

Nuxeo’s workflow analytics and reporting capabilities can also help you iterate content and improve the speed at which new digital assets are created. Let’s say your company starts using its new DAM solution to create a new spring campaign, complete with a range of digital assets including banner ads, emails, and print ads.

When spring turns into summer, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just copy the campaign metadata, roles, and workflows (with names changed to reflect the new campaign).

The person you choose for the “lead designer” role, for instance, would receive the files from the spring campaign for each asset type, instead of having to hunt for previous files individually. The designer could then change the text and pictures using InDesign while leaving the company logo in the same place.

You can also use Nuxeo to monitor how workflow times improve over time, enabling you to measure the results of planned process improvements. In tests with Nuxeo customers, reusing campaigns in this way has led to continued improvements in efficiency, with shorter times required to create new campaign assets.

Most DAM systems lack the ability to natively track and analyze workflows at this level of detail — which means it can be harder to make the business case for DAM. With Nuxeo, you can fully track adoption rates, so you know how your system is being used and who it’s being used by.

Learn More, Do More

Nuxeo gives you the view of your workflows you want with the level of detail you need. Nuxeo lets you dive deep: every system event on users and data state is captured and available for reporting and analytics directly within the Nuxeo interface.

See visualizations of your data natively using the Nuxeo Platform to get a more intuitive, easy to understand view at content performance over time, proportion of content types, or anything else you’d like to display about tracked events and data. Nuxeo is highly-flexible and configurable, empowering you to display results the way you want to see them.

You can also easily integrate the Nuxeo Platform with your preferred analytics system, like Tableau or Kibana, ensuring that you can obtain and visualize data from as many sources as you like. This includes tracking Nuxeo DAM events in conjunction with events tracked in a website content management (WCM) or social media management (SMM) system.

Want to learn which of your images or types of images are most overused? Interested to see which types of content are searched for most, and which frequent search keywords return few or no results? Want to generate suggestions automatically based on previous content searches? Nuxeo has these capabilities — and so much more — straight out of the box, with rapid implementation times that let you look deeper, faster.

Learn more about Nuxeo’s capabilities from The Forrester Wave™ 2018: Digital Asset Management (DAM) For Customer Experience, or contact us for more information about analytics and digital asset management.