Just a few days ago Apache Chemistry became a top-level project (TLP) of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). As a reminder, Chemistry provides client libraries implementing the CMIS spec in Java, Python, PHP and .NET, and a server-oriented library for Java. Learn more about this on the Chemistry page.

Before becoming a TLP, Chemistry was just an incubating project, guided in its growth by the Incubator, like all Apache projects when they begin life in the ASF. So what does the move to a TLP signify? Briefly:

  • the project's scope is now clearly established,

  • the community around it has been deemed large enough to sustain the project,

  • a Project Management Committee (PMC) has been formed to make internal decisions,

  • the PMC and other committers have become acquainted with the Apache Way of doing things,

  • successful releases of the software have been done.

Now that Chemistry is a TLP, it means a number of things:

  • the project has now top-level visibility, like all other Apache projects,

  • it should be perceived as mature by other developers (even though we're not yet at 1.0),

  • Chemistry will be able to decide by itself when to do new releases without oversight from the Incubator's PMC.

For Nuxeo this means that we are more confident than ever that our involvement in the development of Chemistry under the Apache umbrella was the right choice. Thanks to Chemistry our products have top-notch support for CMIS, and we know this will continue to be the case in the future.