Last week a meeting took place in Munich between the main developers behind the two Java Chemistry projects (Chemistry and OpenCMIS). I can say that the meeting was a success and that the two codebases are now in the process of actively being merged!

People from Open Text (our host for this week), SAP, Alfresco and Nuxeo were present. There were lively discussions about many technical points, but following the Apache rules of conduct for such meetings all points were summarized each day to the mailing-list for larger visibility and input by the whole community (see the archives here). The remaining work to do for this merge will be logged in the Apache JIRA issue tracker, again to provide visibility.

Once the current code base is stabilized, which we hope will take no more than one or two weeks, we want to make a first 0.1-incubating release, in order for clients to be able to start using a fixed version of the library. I will be the release manager for the first release, which will likely be the most complex one for us as we learn the ins and outs of releasing an Apache project.

Regarding naming, "Apache Chemistry" continues to be the global umbrella hosting CMIS-related projects at the Apache foundation. The particular Java sub-project providing a general-purpose library for the client and server side, that was the object of this merge, is named OpenCMIS in recognition of the origin of the majority of the code. Other sub-projects (a python library, a Javascript one, various other clients, etc.) will be encouraged to find their own name to have an easily remembered identity under Chemistry. The website will also soon be updated with more documentation about all the projects, including the new OpenCMIS.

At the moment Chemistry is still in incubation phase at Apache, but given that the community around it is now well established we hope to start the process of becoming a fully fledged top level Apache project soon.

Meanwhile the OASIS CMIS standard itself is now being voted upon by the 323 voting members of OASIS. If all goes well, by early May the vote will be complete and CMIS will be an official 1.0 standard. If your company or organization is an OASIS voting member (see and for a list), please urge your representative to vote for CMIS.

At Nuxeo, we're in the process of switching our CMIS support from the Chemistry library to the OpenCMIS one. And of course this will be transparent to users of the CMIS API, that's the whole point of having a standard :) Nuxeo will then be the first open source server whose CMIS support is implemented using the OpenCMIS library. Stay tuned for announcements of this release!