I am going further with AtomAPI support in CPSBlog. I have just added :

The AtomAPI support has been refactored to be more generic and split into 4 classes : AtomMixin, AtomAware, AtomAwareEntry and AtomAwareCollection. I still don't know if it's the best architecture for Atom support, and I know there is a lot of improvements to do, but it's better than yesterday ;-)
This is the first step to a full Atom support in CPS. I think it should be possible to apply this Atom support to any document and folder so. And that would be the first step to a fully RESTful implementation of content syndication, cross-site publication and remote content management (let's talk now about native XMPP support, Atom extension, JEI-60, etc.). We will have to go further in this way very soon...
The code is in CPSBlog trunk and should work with any AtomAPI client. I would be very delighted to get some reports with other clients.

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(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)