Bob Canaway

New Business Value Anywhere Files Meet Process: Introducing Nuxeo Live Connect

Thu 25 June 2015 By Bob Canaway

With Nuxeo Live Connect, the Nuxeo Platform now adds a whole new level of business value anytime and anywhere Files meet Process.

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Introducing Nuxeo Platform Fast Track 7.2

Thu 26 March 2015 By Bob Canaway

Nuxeo introduces some enhancements that developers will love, including Server-Side Automation Scripting and REST API to interact with workflow processes.

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Nuxeo Platform FT 7.1 - Setting the Stage for an Innovative 2015

Tue 20 January 2015 By Bob Canaway

Nuxeo offers new improvements to the Nuxeo Platform with version FT 7.1 and begins to lay the groundwork for continued innovation in 2015.

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Announcing the Nuxeo Platform 6.0

Wed 12 November 2014 By Bob Canaway

The latest version of the Nuxeo Platform includes major advancements in cloud readiness, performance, scalability, mobile experience and interoperability.

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