Cheryl McKinnon

Introducing the Nuxeo RFP Toolkit

Mon 17 January 2011 By Cheryl McKinnon

Over the last month, we've been working to add a new section to our ever-improving Documentation Center. I'm pleased to introduce the RFP Toolkit: an entire section dedicated to helping our prospects and partners shape or respond to an RFI / RFP quickly and accurately. Nuxeo is a comprehensive architecture for content management applications, and the broad range of technical capabilities, features/functions, and packaged distributions make it a solid and reliable choice that meets many ECM needs. This new documentation section helps guide the responses with a clear, organized layout, that we'll update and refresh as we release new products,...

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Case Management Framework - a Technical Overview

Fri 10 December 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo released its Case Management Framework earlier this year, and has already had some significant customer wins in public sector and financial services with this particular packaging of the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform architecture. Alexandre Russel, one of the senior developers on the Nuxeo CMF project team did a fantastic session on the mainstage at Nuxeo World last month, talking about what we've done, answering the question "why a framework", and offering a sneak peek in to the roadmap for us. His presentation is posted on SlideShare. Nuxeo World Session: Case Management Framework View more presentations from Nuxeo - Open Source...

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Content Management Platforms Built for Application Development

Mon 06 December 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Still lots of great content from Nuxeo World last month that we'll be discussing, but wanted to give this session on our new developer distributions more attention. When Nuxeo announced the new developer distributions - Nuxeo Core Server and Nuxeo Content Application Platform - with the EP/DM 5.4 release, it was about less "new" products, and more about enhancing the packaging of what many of our customers were already using as the base framework for application development. We've been doing some extensive customer interviews over the last few months, and this has been a great help as we strive to...

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Becoming a Contributor - Help Shape the Direction of ECM

Sat 27 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Many Nuxeo customers adopt our ECM platform because of its inherent extensible, flexible architecture. Nuxeo EP powers some pretty cutting edge and creative content applications out there. These are organizations that really get the value of digital content to drive their business. Companies who value technology to innovate and stay ahead of their own competitors often see the value in having a stronger voice in their own ECM roadmap. Big companies and government agencies often have more developers and architects on staff than the traditional ECM suite vendors. Nuxeo is delivering a platform built for companies who know what they...

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Nuxeo World Keynote - ECM Market Trends 2010-2011 (updated with video link)

Wed 24 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo was pleased to host 100+ customers and partners, from 8(!) different countries, at Nuxeo World 2010. Two full days packed with solid session content that appealed to developers, content architects, integrators and business managers. Over the next couple of weeks, the Nuxeo team will be blogging on some of the key sessions, highlighting many of the workshop slide decks, now substantially posted on our Nuxeo SlideShare channel. My session "Market Trends in Enterprise Content Management" was the part of the morning keynote, along with CTO Thierry Delprat's session on the technical roadmap for 2011. CMSWire, our Nuxeo World media...

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"Next Generation ECM for Mission Critical Applications" - New Gilbane Group Research

Sat 20 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

New Beacon research from the Gilbane Group this month, and Nuxeo was pleased to participate. This whitepaper series provides guidance on content strategies, practices and technologies. The topic of this new paper is "Next Generation ECM for Mission Critical Applications". This paper is important because it adds additional validation to our hypothesis that 2010-11 will be the shift in the evolution of ECM from suites to platforms. New generation architectures are ready, they've been battle-tested, been benchmarked, performance-tuned, and demonstrated measurable benefits in real-world content management deployments. The audience for this paper is technical and business decision-makers evaluating ECM and...

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New Developer Distributions, the Marketplace and Enterprise IT Trends - 5.4 Highlights

Mon 15 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo released version 5.4 of both the platform architecture - Nuxeo EP - as well as the most popular packaged product - Nuxeo DM. Congrats to the in-house Nuxeo development, documentation and product teams... but also to our customer and partner community who played an important part in our pre-release all-hands bug-squashing day, as well as testing and feedback via our mailing lists and discussion forums. Merci! Online journal "ReadWriteWeb" published in their Enterprise section last week: "5 Trends to Watch in the Enterprise" ... and it was cool to see at least 2 of those new trends directly reflected...

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Public Sector Issues: Information and Enterprise Content Management

Thu 11 November 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

What many people don't realize is that I spent my first decade in ECM doing consulting and system admin training for public sector clients. Living and working in Ottawa, Canada, many of my projects involved guiding government employees and the contractors in the use, deployment and customization of document and records management applications. Back in the early 2000s, the Canadian Federal Government was globally recognized as the leader in 'whole of government' approaches to information and content management. In direct response to information management scandals in the 1990s, the government chose to act. By 2002-2004, the story of Canadian Federal...

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Planning for High Performance ECM Applications

Wed 27 October 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Some good content recently updated in the Nuxeo Documentation Center on a topic that is a constant struggle for ECM administrators and application developers. Performance, performance, performance.... Nuxeo CTO Thierry Delprat and the dev team have collected the most essential elements of performance planning into a clear list of the elements that will (and also will not) affect performance of a Nuxeo EP or DM-based application. This is an important read, because many of these factors are specific not only just to Nuxeo ECM deployments, but are the very same challenges and bottlenecks encountered by content management practitioners using many...

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Social Media and the New World of Content Management

Fri 22 October 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

If anyone is a subscriber to the German content management magazine "DOK.", please check out the October issue for a new article I recently contributed. (hard copy only) The topic of "Social Media and the New World of Content Management" is one I've been researching and writing on for a couple of years. This is an essential topic and an area that is still very much in early stages for most organizations. As the world of work shifts into an increasingly electronic mode, and the rise of the participatory web makes it easy for companies to communicate in both a...

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Diets, Nuts and Decaying Cores... ECM in 2010

Wed 13 October 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Another ECM debate theme has emerged over the last few weeks, with imagery replete with bloat and rot. Diets and smorgasboards, soup to nuts, and decaying cores. In this context, it's time to take a deeper dive into Nuxeo Enterprise Platform, to explore more 'why it matters'. Though I work in marketing now, and have never coded for a living... I've paid my dues in the technical realm as a consultant, trainer and courseware developer. I've seen the inside operations now of both proprietary and open ECM vendors, and I know which one is more efficient. One of the key...

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All the World is a Stage for ECM - Nuxeo World 2010

Mon 11 October 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

The registration for Nuxeo World is hitting high gear as we head into the last phase of planning and speaker confirmations. Our venue is the spectacular and historic Théâtre des Variétés, in the heart of the vibrant Paris theatre district. We've updated our list of nearby hotels - so we encourage our out of town customers and partners to book quickly to ensure their accommodations. We are particularly pleased to announce this week that CMSWire has signed on as the Nuxeo World Media Partner. CMSWire is one of the best places on the web to find breaking-news about all aspects...

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Democratization of Opportunity... and Risk

Fri 01 October 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

(Cheryl's NYC AIIM roadshow session - Sept 30/10 - Photo Credit - Joe Ryan @ AIIM) Over the last 2 weeks Nuxeo has been on the road with AIIM, as sponsors and speakers at 3 of their east coast educational seminars. We met dozens of ECM practitioners, consultants and even some cool potential new partners in Toronto, Boston and New York City. Was fantastic to see many familiar friendly faces, but even better to at last meet a few long-time ECM online friends in the real-world. The session I delivered was an update on the theme of 8 Things You...

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On The Road with AIIM

Fri 24 September 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo is on the road with AIIM this week as one of the sponsors and speakers during the East Coast Seminar Series. We're in 3 cities this year: Toronto (this week), Boston (Sept 28) and New York City (Sept 30). These are rich and informative educational events - at NO cost to the attendee - a fantastic value when everyone is keeping an eye on their conference and training budgets. The Toronto day was a great opportunity to hear AIIM President and ECM visionary John Mancini talk about the trends he's seeing in the content management market. It's a disruptive...

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Developers: the Next Decade of ECM is Yours to Influence

Thu 09 September 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Read a great article by Jason Hiner at TechRepublic this week. He makes the argument that: the technology world remains in the midst of a relentless transformation and the changes sweeping the industry over the next decade will make developers, not IT pros, the new superstars This was a timely read for me. As I approach my one year anniversary with Nuxeo, I've rediscovered the value of developers. Those lines of code we as business users often forget about have become the grammar and language of our digital heritage. Software makes so many of our daily routines possible - from...

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Nuxeo Studio - New How-To Video - Content Automation - Create a Validation Button

Thu 02 September 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

We've just published the second in our ongoing Nuxeo Studio "How-To" quick start series. Haven't heard about Nuxeo Studio yet? It's been the hottest thing we've done this year (so far...) As a hosted design environment for our Connect subscribers and Galaxy Partners, we've now got hundreds of companies signed up and actively building content management apps & feature enhancements specifically for their own business needs. When we talk about "ECM as a Platform"... Nuxeo Studio is where we put our money where our mouth is: we give you the simple, graphical, wizard-like tools to build the apps and extensions...

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We're Excited! New Sessions Added - Update on Nuxeo World 2010

Fri 27 August 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

We've been really busy in 2010 with product launches and updates - not only for the flagship Nuxeo EP and DM, but Nuxeo DAM 1.0/1.1 and Cloud Edition... Case Management Framework, Correspondence Management, metaLogic's Lotus IMT for Nuxeo ECM... Nuxeo Studio... and most recently our preview of the Nuxeo Marketplace and Admin Centre. Not bad considering it's only August! We're pleased to announce that additional sessions have been added to the Nuxeo World 2010 roster. New sessions for developers, partners, system administrators, and information management professionals with either a business or technical interest. Cool new sessions include: Nuxeo Studio -...

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LinuxCon Boston 2010 - Has Open Source "Crossed the Chasm"?

Sat 14 August 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

LinuxCon was held in Boston last week. Hosted by the Linux Foundation, the event attracted open source luminaries and advocates from around the globe. Nuxeo was pleased to be able to speak on the topic of "ECM Meets Open Source" during the Birds of a Feather track on Wednesday. One of the highlights for me last week was a keynote delivered by Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Hammond. The slides for his presentation on "Open Source Software Adoption Patterns in Enterprise IT", can be found on the conference site here in PDF.Key points that I took away from Hammond's session? Integration...

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Updated - Finding the Best Roadmap for Your Lotus Notes / Domino Doc Applications

Mon 09 August 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

A quick update to this original post from August... We're pleased to host our Galaxy Partner metaLogic in a joint webinar on Tuesday, September 21. metaLogic is one of the longest standing Nuxeo partners in North America, and bring many years of content management expertise to our extended network. Bruce Grant - president of metaLogic and lead blogger at their "Rants and Raves" site, will be leading an in-depth overview of metaLogic's integration and migration tools - including a live demo of some of the functional highlights. If you are a current user Lotus Notes or Domino Doc Manager, or...

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Quality, Reliability and Speed - Accenture on Open Source Adoption Trends

Thu 05 August 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Accenture published its 2010 open source software market survey today and wanted to highlight a few points that may be of interest to the ECM community: Full Report and Supplementary Slides Available Here First surprise was a pleasant one - of the 600 US, UK and Irish respondents, the top benefits their enterprises have derived from the use of open source were Quality (76%), Improved Reliability (71%) and Better Security/Bug Fixing (70%). In other words - while perceived cost savings has been a key driver to consider or test open source software, the realized benefits are far more strategic to...

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The One Minute Digital Asset Manager? New Nuxeo Appliances - Virtual Machines on Ubuntu

Mon 02 August 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Read a couple of fun and concise blog posts over the weekend from open source consultant/Linux guru Robert P.J. Day at CrashCourse. Getting Nuxeo DAM 1.1 up and running on Ubuntu 10.04 - in 60 Seconds! One of the items I didn't blog about during our Nuxeo DAM 1.1 launch last week was the availability of new appliances that are specifically made for rapid ramp up on virtualization platforms such as VMware, VirtualBox, and others. Nuxeo DAM (as well as Nuxeo DM) now include download options in both OVF and VMX formats. Built on Ubuntu 10.04, these pre-configured virtual images...

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Nuxeo DAM Cloud Edition - Now Available

Fri 30 July 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Yes... we at Nuxeo see the future as DAM Cloudy. But that's a good thing... Along with the release of Nuxeo DAM 1.1, we've also expanded our digital asset management offering to include a SaaS version - what we've called Nuxeo DAM - Cloud Edition. Nuxeo DAM - Cloud Edition uses the same backend trusted cloud services as Nuxeo DM - Cloud Edition, Amazon AWS. We're offering digital asset management in a SaaS delivery model to better serve the needs of small/medium business who have the same DAM requirements as large enterprise, but with a smaller budget and fewer in-house...

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Fun with Nuxeo Studio

Sun 25 July 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

One of the cooler launches we've done this year was the introduction of Nuxeo Studio. Officially we describe it as "the configuration and customization environment" for Nuxeo EP and related packaged applications like Nuxeo DM or Nuxeo Case Management Framework. It's a hosted design environment that is delivered as part of the Nuxeo Online Services support package for application builders/developers. Because it is a hosted service, we are able to quickly enhance the feature set on an ongoing basis, including the recent introduction of Content Automation services, without ever needing our customers to reinstall, upgrade or disrupt their ongoing application design...

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Ovum Technology Audit of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.3.x - Available for Download

Fri 23 July 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo EP will help organizations to build ECM applications to enable them to manage growing volumes of content and ensure that they are compliant. This solution will benefit organizations that have a need for transactional or content-centric processes Recently Ovum (part of the Datamonitor Group) published a detailed technology audit of Nuxeo's flagship open source ECM offering - Nuxeo Enterprise Platform. Nuxeo has licensed this research note, and is pleased to offer it to our prospects, clients, partner and ECM community at no charge. Download the PDF report here. Key points noted by Ovum: Licensing costs are much lower than...

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Correspondence Management - Keeping Communication Open between Citizen and Government

Thu 22 July 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

In late June, Nuxeo launched its Case Management Framework - the first such framework from an open source ECM provider, available for no-charge download under the LGPL license agreement, and fully supported by Nuxeo Online Services support and maintenance subscriptions. Three weeks after the release of Nuxeo CMF, we've delivered the first of several template sets to extend the framework, and bring the power of Nuxeo ECM to specific content challenges faced by our customers. This first application is Nuxeo Correspondence Management. Several years ago I worked very closely with a set of government clients, consultants and colleagues to design an...

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Expanding the Nuxeo Galaxy - A Welcome to Rick Dobbs

Mon 12 July 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Last month Nuxeo announced the that we were ready to invest in the next phase of our global expansion... and that building out our partner channel was an essential part of this strategy. Well, as of last week, we've taken a big step in executing on that plan. The management team at Nuxeo is pleased to welcome Rick Dobbs on board in the role of Director of Channels. The Nuxeo Galaxy partner program has demonstrated great success for us in its first full year of operation... and now it's time to rev it up... and Rick will help us lead...

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Why A Case Management Framework?

Wed 30 June 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

This week Nuxeo announced the release of Nuxeo Case Management Framework (Nuxeo CMF). Case Management is a hot topic these days. Several of the large ECM vendors have announced Case Management products or strategies over the last few months. But this is not a "me-too" announcement from Nuxeo. The Nuxeo approach to the ECM market is clear: we provide a technically advanced enterprise content management platform that lets customers and partners build content applications to meet their specific needs. Nuxeo CMF is an enhanced distribution of this underlying platform - what we call Nuxeo EP. Other Nuxeo packaged applications -...

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Platforms vs Suites vs Condominiums

Fri 25 June 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

This line came to me a few weeks ago prepping for some conference and webinar presentations... and the more I think about it and talk it over with others, the more I think it accurately describes the ECM landscape today. The fundamental divide among ECM vendors as I see it today is between vendors who position their offering as a "Suite" and vendors who built their offering as a "Platform". Platforms Nuxeo is clearly in the "Platform" category. An ECM platform is a cohesive, end to end offering architected and built by a core team with a common vision (vendor...

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Getting Excited About Nuxeo World 2010

Fri 18 June 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

A cool city.... a cool venue.... customers and partners that are pushing the envelope of how organizations are using open source ECM in the real world... What's not to get excited about? As we get closer to November, we'll be stepping up our communication plans - more sneak peeks into the program, interviews with Nuxeo staff, customers and Galaxy Partners. New videos, podcasts, interviews and program highlights will be published every couple of weeks. Just because summer is coming doesn't mean our Nuxeo World planning team is taking a break. Check out the first two interviews with customers Jean-Marc Orliaguet...

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Less Breaking... More Harvesting: In Defense of the Silo

Wed 16 June 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Silo-bashing is alive and well in both the ECM and Enterprise 2.0 spheres. Some great thinkers in content management are putting some well deserved boots to organizational and technological barriers to collaboration. But... I grew up on the Prairies. Silos were good things, not bad things. Been thinking about this topic a lot since my presentation at Gilbane San Francisco last month... trying to put my finger on what has started to bug me about this renewed silo-bashing movement. What was the original purpose of a silo? It was to preserve and protect valuable goods - grains, food, even fuel....

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Social Marketplace in Action - Nuxeo Galaxy Partner Program Wins VARGuy Top 50

Tue 08 June 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

We learned last week that our Nuxeo Galaxy Partner program had made Open Source 50 list. Not only the Top 50, but the Top 25... a pretty cool feat considering it was the first year that we even qualified for the survey. A big thanks not only to the Nuxeo Galaxy Systems Integrators and Application Builders that helped shape the Galaxy program as it stands today, but our Nuxeo customers for engaging with our partners and working with them to deploy some of the most interesting and innovative content management applications out there. But we're not done yet... what...

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Enterprise 2.0 TweetJam - June 10 - Be There or Be Square #e2j

Fri 04 June 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Sometimes my job is genuinely fun... and I think June 10 will be one of those times. There's panel of some true ECM and Enterprise 2.0 heavy hitters that will be ready to answer your questions - even the tough ones - about bringing the power of social media and collaboration into your business. Enterprise 2.0 At Work - kicks off on June 10 at 11am Eastern and wraps up at 1pm. Confirmed panelists include: Mark Fidelman, Enterprise 2.0 Strategy Larry Hawes -- Consultant, Researcher, Author Hanns Kohler-Kruner – Principal Consultant, HKK Consulting Robert Lavigne - Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration and...

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ECM as a Platform for Content Applications

Fri 28 May 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

What's the future of Enterprise Content Management? What will the next generation of content-centric applications look like? Who will build them? How can organizations refresh and revitalize their information management strategies for the digital economy? What are the disruptive factors in ECM that are changing perspectives and requirements?There is a lot going on in the ECM space today - CMIS brings a whole new opportunity to harvest content from the silos out there, Microsoft Sharepoint is delivering basic content services to the masses, the old guard vendors are defocusing and retrenching....We at Nuxeo believe that the future belongs to the...

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AIIM Market Intelligence - State of the ECM Industry 2010

Tue 18 May 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

AIIM published its annual "State of the ECM Industry" market intelligence report earlier this week, and it is a recommended read. Download it directly from the AIIM site here: This is a timely report. The ECM industry is in the midst of some interesting shakeups. The ratification of CMIS, the launch of Sharepoint 2010, and some interesting warning signals coming from ECM leaders of the last decade... If I project myself years into the future and put my historian hat on, I'd be circling May 2010 as one of those critical inflection points. Customers are looking for new approaches...

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Why Do ECM Vendors Punish Their Clients for Being Successful?

Sun 09 May 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Part 2 in the "Unlearning the FUD Series", of which Sales Cycle Theatre was Part 1. Another epiphany I've had here at Nuxeo - as I understand how an open source approach to ECM development fundamentally changes perspectives towards clients. As we worked on updating our Nuxeo Online Services subscription program earlier this year, a few light bulbs went off in my head. It took me some time to put my finger on it, but: "We do not punish our customers for being successful" Nearly all of the legacy ECM vendors derive a substantial chunk of their revenue through the 'sale'...

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Hip.. Not Hype...

Mon 03 May 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Had a most fabulous afternoon today in Manhattan. A very sincere thank you to the organizers and committee members of the New York City AIIM and ARMA Chapters who put on a great joint education event today. The topic? "Open Source ECM.... Hip.. Not Hype". Joined on the panel by the distinguished Richard McKnight of Alfresco and Bryan Reynolds, CEO of ECM consulting firm Sitrof, I think we all left feeling very enthusiastic about the level of interest in open source ECM, with some fantastic audience questions, comments and interaction. This topic clearly was timely and relevant. My highlights.... Seeing...

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8 Things You Need to Know About Open Source ECM

Fri 30 April 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Back in December, the AIIM Digital Landfill blog graciously allowed me to contribute a post to their on-going "8 Things..." series. Titled "8 Things You Should Know About Open Source ECM", this piece explored some of aspects I thought most essential for ECM practitioners to understand when considering an open source platform - possibly for the first time. There is still a striking level of FUD messaging (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt...) that legacy vendors spin in order to distract customers from considering an open source ECM offering, so I wanted to share some of the truths and observations that I've learned...

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AIIM 2010 - Wrap up of Day 1

Wed 21 April 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Here in Philadelphia this week, along with Jane Zupan from our product marketing team...AIIM Expo is off to a great start as one of the biggest and busiest ECM conferences. So.. what were the highlights of Day 1? * Overflow! really cool to see the keynote sessions not only standing room only... but requiring overflow rooms. Thanks to the conference team for having decent quality AV/sound to make sure everyone could participate in the kick off sessions. * John Mancini's keynote - 8 Trends that will Disrupt the ECM Industry - nice look into the 3-5 year future of this...

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Poll Results - Drivers for Open Source ECM and DAM

Fri 16 April 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Last month we ran a series of webinars (see the wrap up post here) and asked the participants to share their thoughts on two topics related to open source DAM as well as overall ECM challenges. The results were interesting on both fronts. Question 1: What are the main benefits you think can be derived by using open source DAM? Our multiple choice responses included: Meets my company's commitment to open source The community has a voice in the product roadmap Low up-front costs Ability to customize and tailor the platform to your needs Get a project started more quickly....

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Sales Cycle Theatre: Time to Call a Charade a Charade

Thu 08 April 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

(The first in a series of "Unlearning the FUD" posts... kudos to James Governor of Redmonk for the blog subtitle idea) I've used the phrase “Sales Cycle Theatre” a few times in recent months. Most often I am immediately forced to follow it up with a “but you can't steal it until I blog about it” after I see the big grin and hear a mischievous laugh when explaining the analogy. Yes, I owe apologies to Bruce Schneier, coiner of the phrase “Security Theatre”, but I've come to recognize a similar pattern. The scripted drama we've all agreed to perform...

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Geek Heaven - Nuxeo World 2010

Mon 05 April 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Had the opportunity to do a site visit to the Nuxeo World 2010 event location while working at our HQ in Paris last week. Wow. What an amazing venue for a tech conference. "Geek Heaven" is all I could say as we walked out. L'Echangeur is far more than just an event venue - it's an inspiration to anyone working in the world of technology. I cannot imagine a more fitting location for the Nuxeo World conference in November. L'Echangeur is designed to encourage innovative thinking, to inspire the imagination, to showcase prototypes of technologies that are on the brink...

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Welcoming Ada Lovelace to the #ecmcoven - Women in Content Management

Wed 24 March 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Blogging today in honour of the 2nd official "Ada Lovelace Day", celebrating women's contribution in technology, and named after one of the first computer programmers - yes, a woman. Women occupy senior and influential roles in all areas of tech - large and small companies alike. But there is still so very far to go. There are massive glass ceilings still out there. My bumps have since healed though... I want to recognize some of the mentors, role models and peers who've taught me important lessons along the way. And hope that others will add to the comments on this...

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March Webinar Recap and... Stay Tuned for Poll Results on DAM and ECM

Mon 22 March 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Earlier this month the Nuxeo marketing team ran 2 webinars to our English speaking customers and prospects. "Introducing Nuxeo Studio" and "Debuting Nuxeo DAM". The slides and recordings can be found here on our Nuxeo.TV channel - in case you didn't have the opportunity to register or attend. Our French language Nuxeo DAM webinar will be held on March 25, 2010 - so if you parlez-vous please sign up and listen in. After the conclusion of the French language Nuxeo DAM webinar, we'll be publishing the results of 2 online polls we are conducting as part of the webinar series....

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Welcome StoriesOut!

Sat 20 March 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo Communications Director for the last 2 years, Anne de Forsan, this week revealed her 'secret project'. StoriesOut is a communication services firm helping both startup and established tech companies get their message out to their target markets... PR and Press Management, Communication Strategies, Communication Coaching. While the Nuxeo team in Paris and Boston will miss Anne on a day to day basis, we're also really pleased to be her first customer. She'll continue representing the Nuxeo name in Europe, working with us on PR and tech media opportunities. In the nearly 6 months I've known Anne, I've come to...

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Recap of #GartnerPCC

Sat 13 March 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Attended the Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit in Baltimore this week, a conference specifically targeting information professionals who need to guide their businesses on the whole spectrum of content management - collaboration, information governance, social media, portals and web. The tough part? Trying to choose between great sessions scheduled in the same time slot. Solid content by some great presenters.... Here are a few of the highlights: Open source ECM is on the upswing. While it still represents a small percentage of the overall market, numerous sessions called it out as something organizations need to consider as part of...

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Nuxeo on the Road (and On the Web)

Fri 19 February 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

It's been a busy quarter here at Nuxeo HQ. Right on the heels of two major product announcements - Nuxeo Studio and Nuxeo DAM, we're pleased to publish our events calendar for the next few weeks - a good range of in-person and online events as we continue to ramp up our customer outreach and market education activities. So.. here's what's new... Hope you'll think about meeting us live or virtually and learn more about our open source ECM offerings and product direction. Webinars! Introducing Nuxeo Studio - Nuxeo Studio is an exciting addition to our subscription services offering -...

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Nuxeo DAM - First CMIS-enabled Digital Asset Management - We're Launched!

Thu 04 February 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

A very busy week of for our development, marketing and web teams here at Nuxeo. First we announced Nuxeo Studio as part of our enhanced Nuxeo Online Services offering and today the 1.0 release of Nuxeo DAM. Nuxeo DAM was opened to a public beta back in December 2009, as part of our participation at the Gilbane Boston Conference. We've had tremendous reaction to this offering - hundreds of downloads in just 2 months, and we were thrilled to have early adopters work with us on critical features and fixes they needed to move ahead with our General Availability release. So...

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Aligning Values - When Customer and Vendor Benefit from the Same Thing

Mon 01 February 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Pleased to finally announce the release of Nuxeo Studio (news release here). Nuxeo Studio is a big step forward - a really cool graphical design tool built specifically to help our customer and partners customize and configure their ECM applications. Details, including a recorded demo, are here. Nuxeo Studio is the first of a series of management and monitoring tools that will be made available through our Nuxeo Online Services subscription program. As the Nuxeo customer base grows we're seeing deployments in more countries, in new vertical industries, and in fascinating solution areas that continue to impress and inspire us. So...

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ECM as a Platform? Recent Developments suggest YES

Thu 28 January 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Interesting developments in the open source ECM world this week as Alfresco announced a change in their licensing model - now using LGPL. Eric and I were dashing between customer meetings in Toronto when he read the news via Twitter (instead of navigating on Google Maps… but that's another story…). LGPL, of course, is the license model that Nuxeo has adopted for years. As customers, partners and analysts know, it was a very deliberate choice to go LGPL early in our company evolution. LGPL is, in our perspective, the most business-friendly of the open source licenses for companies that develop...

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Nuxeo World - We're Changing the Date to November 17-18, 2010

Wed 20 January 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

Many of you are heard over the last day that the Nuxeo management team has changed the date of our first annual User Conference - Nuxeo World. The announcement is here on our web page: /media-center/nuxeo-world-moves-to-november (Français ici: /fr/societe/actualites/nuxeo-world-decale-novembre) Not an easy decision - we had a solid response to our Early Bird Discount sign up period, and have been impressed with the range of topics submitted for the breakout sessions - representing 3 continents and several countries! But we needed to listen to a large segment of our customers and partners who found themselves in a bit of a...

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ECM for Life Sciences – Balancing Business Needs with Regulatory Requirements

Sun 17 January 2010 By Cheryl McKinnon

On January 14, Nuxeo was pleased to host a webinar jointly with Galaxy Partner Carnegie Technology Associates (CTA). Was great to share the virtual stage with Lawrence Rich, consultant and partner at CTA. An exciting time for Nuxeo as we kick off 2010 with more joint efforts with our Galaxy partner community, and embark on a deeper level of industry and vertical marketing campaigns, starting with Life Sciences. The regulatory and compliance burdens on biotech, pharmaceutical and medical research companies are among the most stringent across vertical markets, and content management requirements can be onerous. Vast amount of research -...

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Words That Deserve to Disappear in 2010

Mon 28 December 2009 By Cheryl McKinnon

Please consider this post to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, in the spirit of out with the old and in with the new as we close out 2009. But as a marketer and passionate defender of the importance of ECM, there are a few expressions and terms that deserve a rest - or at least a rethink of how and why we use them. (In no particular order) Compliance This term has been bugging me for years. No - I am not suggesting that companies neglect requirements to protect, secure, disclose or destroy records or establish clear retention and access rules. But...

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Get Ready for Open Source Digital Asset Management - Beta of Nuxeo DAM Available

Wed 02 December 2009 By Cheryl McKinnon

A few customers, partners and industry pundits have had a sneak peek over the last couple of months... but this week Nuxeo is pleased to announce a preview of the beta Nuxeo Digital Asset Management offering. Nuxeo DAM will be a packaged application - developed on the Nuxeo open source ECM platform. What that means is that a whole new generation of rich media assets - images, audio, video, complex graphics - can be managed, shared and controlled - further extending the proven strength of the underlying Nuxeo ECM platform. Nuxeo DAM will open up new opportunities for the creators,...

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Nuxeo World - Announced Today - Paris, March 11-12, 2010

Fri 13 November 2009 By Cheryl McKinnon

Today Nuxeo announced its first ever global user conference – to be held in Paris March 11-12, 2010. A lot of work ahead of us, finalizing the tracks, getting speakers lined up, signing up partners for some sponsorship activities.. busy days indeed. But it really is intended to be a celebration – of 10 years of innovation, expansion, sustained growth. As we embark on our second decade, we want to kick it off surrounded by the customers, partners, community that see the value of open source ECM and have contributed to our strategy. So why should you come? If you're...

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451 Group Conference - Highlights & Observations

Tue 10 November 2009 By Cheryl McKinnon

Last week Nuxeo was pleased to be part of the 451 Group annual client conference. CEO Eric Barroca, VP of North American Sales, David Cloyd and I represented the company in a series of analyst one-on-one meetings, took turns manning the booth, and attended some fantastic sessions on where the IT market is headed. We presented in the Innovators Showcase track - a 20 minute blitz to describe who we are, our approach to the open source Enterprise Content Management market, and how we plan to expand our footprint in the North American market. So glad to have some excellent...

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Social Media 101 - Where to Get Started for Customer Engagement

Sat 31 October 2009 By Cheryl McKinnon

On October 27, I was pleased to lead a Marketing Peer-to-Peer Workshop for Communitech in Waterloo, Canada. Communitech is a regional technology association, helping companies bring innovation and ideas to the market. The title of the workshop was "Social Media 101" - and the goal of the session was to get the 30 or so attendees comfortable using one or more social media channels to help augment their current marketing activities. Lots of buzz in recent months in the news, and online about using tools such as twitter, community forums, Linked In, or Facebook for customer engagement - but it's...

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Nuxeo On The Road! Boston 451 Group Client Conference

Fri 30 October 2009 By Cheryl McKinnon

Nuxeo @ The 451 Group Annual Client Conference! Nuxeo is wrapping up a busy 2009 by going on the road. It’s been an active couple of months at Nuxeo, with new hires, product announcements, a move and more growth to come, but we’re making time to travel the globe. November 3-4 | Boston, The 451 Group’s Fourth Annual Client Conference Nuxeo will be at The 451 Group's Fourth Annual Client Conference at the Boston Marriott Longwharf. Nuxeo is part of a small group of disruptive and pioneering companies presenting at the Innovators Showcase. I will be there during the entire...

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Highlights from Ontario Linux Fest - Oct 24/09 - ECM Meets Open Source

Sun 25 October 2009 By Cheryl McKinnon

Was honoured to present at this weekend's Ontario Linux Fest in Toronto, Canada. Thanks to the great conference team for the hospitality, and the opportunity to talk to a community of seasoned open source professionals and up & coming student enthusiasts. I found it fun because normally I speak to crowds who already are in an information management role and know the basics - this event allowed me to bring the 101 Overview to a whole new technical audience and help them understand why the business managers they advise & support might ask or need an information governance strategy. Was...

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8 Reasons I Liked the AIIM "8 Reasons" E-Book (and 1 reason I didn't)

Tue 13 October 2009 By Cheryl McKinnon

Over the weekend I downloaded and read AIIM's new e-book "8 Reasons You Need a Strategy for Managing Information - Before It's too Late..." - a cool idea and sounds like it will be part of an ongoing series on this theme - good stuff. So here are the 8 reasons I liked the e-book and recommend you read it.... and 1 thing that bothered me. The content was crowdsourced - contributions were taken over a period of weeks on the website, and actively promoted across the association's own blogs & social networks. The contributors include AIIM executives, vendors,...

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Do Labels Matter? Some Thoughts from a Shiny New Marketing Exec

Thu 08 October 2009 By Cheryl McKinnon

Yesterday more industry buzz about some of the shifts and disruption in the ranks of the ECM/CMS world - including a couple of comments about my new role as CMO at Nuxeo. First some good questions posed by Ron Miller, in an editorial for FierceContentManagement: "Does the Open Source Label Still Matter?" ...and then some thought-provoking comments from Tony Byrne in his Trendwatch blog for CMSWatch, "Software Empires Striking Back". After thinking to myself, "Whoa, like, no pressure, eh?" and crawling out from under the covers, I sat down and really thought about what kind of shift is going on...

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