Thomas Roger

Import Documents in the Nuxeo Platform Using Node.js

Fri 19 December 2014 By Thomas Roger

In this blog, we will discuss how to import documents in the Nuxeo Platform using Node.js.

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Using the node.js Nuxeo Client

Thu 12 June 2014 By Thomas Roger

In this blog post, Thomas teaches you how to use the node.js Nuxeo Platform client through a simple example.

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Dashboards Management

Mon 20 June 2011 By Thomas Roger

<p>With the recent release of <a href="/what-is-new/">Nuxeo Document Management 5.4.2</a>, administrators can now manage the dashboards within the application and related configuration. A new <strong>Dashboards</strong> section has been incorporated into the Admin Center to regroup everything connected to dashboards in Nuxeo:</p>

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Light OpenSocial JavaScript Gadget Container

Sun 22 May 2011 By Thomas Roger

Ever wanted to easily add an OpenSocial gadget to one of your templates in Nuxeo Document Management or on your <a href="">Nuxeo WebEngine</a> site? It's now possible thanks to the integration of the light JavaScript container from [Apache Shindig]( and our new jQuery plugin!

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User Home in Nuxeo DM

Thu 12 May 2011 By Thomas Roger

<p>During our <a href="">Sprint</a> organized at Nuxeo last February, one of the topics we worked on was to create a space within Nuxeo applications where all user related information would be available, now known as: the User Home.</p>

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Nuxeo DAM 1.2 Release Candidate 2

Tue 18 January 2011 By Thomas Roger

<p>It&apos;s a new year and we have a new Release Candidate for you! The Nuxeo DAM 1.2 Release Candidate 2 contains corrections and improvements over the RC1 version. See below for the list of issues that were resolved.</p>

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Nuxeo DAM 1.2 Release Candidate 1

Tue 28 December 2010 By Thomas Roger

<p>It&apos;s almost the new year, and we have some good news for you, before going off for the holidays. Nuxeo DAM 1.2 Release Candidate 1 is out!</p>

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