Our Authors

Here are the people behind our blogs, whitepapers and events. They are experts in Content Services, Digital Asset Management, ECM or even Artificial Intelligence, and low-code development.

Alain Escaffre,
Alain Escaffre
Alan Porter,
Alan Porter
Arnaud Kervern,
Arnaud Kervern
Bertrand Chauvin,
Bertrand Chauvin
Christopher McLaughlin,
Christopher McLaughlin
Damien Metzler,
Damien Metzler
Elise Duchateau,
Elise Duchateau
Emilio Javier,
Emilio Javier
Eric Barroca,
Eric Barroca
Florent Guillaume,
Florent Guillaume
Gregory Carlin,
Gregory Carlin
Josh Fletcher,
Josh Fletcher
Jodi Rosenblum,
Jodi Rosenblum
Julie Allouch,
Julie Allouch
Lisa McIntyre,
Lisa McIntyre
Manon Lumeau,
Manon Lumeau
Mariana Cedica,
Mariana Cedica
Melinda Cormier,
Melinda Cormier
Michael Vachette,
Michael Vachette
Nelson Silva,
Nelson Silva
Ornella Payse,
Ornella Payse
Pedro Cardoso,
Pedro Cardoso
Remi Cattiau,
Remi Cattiau
Sean Baird,
Sean Baird
Thibaud Arguillere,
Thibaud Arguillere
Thibaut Soulcie,
Thibaut Soulcie
Thierry Delprat,
Thierry Delprat
Thomas Roger,
Thomas Roger
Tiago Cardoso,
Tiago Cardoso
Vladimir Pasquier,
Vladimir Pasquier

Guest Bloggers

Kevin Craine,
Kevin Craine
Cheryl McKinnon,
Cheryl McKinnon
Stéphane Fermigier,
Stéphane Fermigier
Olivier Grisel,
Olivier Grisel
Jane Zupan,
Jane Zupan
Roland Benedetti,
Roland Benedetti
Laurence Hart,
Laurence Hart
Laurent Doguin,
Laurent Doguin
Michael Gena,
Michael Gena
Frank Rocha,
Frank Rocha
Dave Jones,
Dave Jones
Uri Kogan,
Uri Kogan
Matt Meigs,
Matt Meigs
Jeanette Sherman,
Jeanette Sherman
Isabel Machado,
Isabel Machado