We know that our customers work in different environments and face different constraints in terms of deployment of their applications. To adapt to their needs and remove any constraint when they install the Nuxeo Content Services Platform, we have made the platform available in various packages. Here’s a quick overview of our available packages.

OS Independent Packages

ZIP Package This package includes the server and some feature addons that you can select to activate during the first startup. This package is the basis for all other packages and is built by our Continuous Improvement (CI) system on Jenkins during our release process.

Docker Image Based on the ZIP package, our Docker image is available on the Docker store. Although not currently published, we also have an Openshift Docker image available for one of our customers.

VMWare and VirtualBox Images A single job on our CI system builds several packages, including two virtual machine images. These images include the server and most of the third-party software required by the Nuxeo Platform.

OS Specific Packages

EXE Windows Installer The Windows installer is built by the same Jenkins job as the VM images. It sets up the server and enables you to download and install third-party software, such as LibreOffice, if needed.

Debian APT Package Our .deb package is automatically built with the .exe and VM images. When it’s published on the Nuxeo APT repository Linux users can install the Nuxeo Platform without changing their installation procedures.

MacOS Homebrew Formula As heavy users of MacOS, we appreciate how easy Homebrew is to use. This is why we decided to publish our own formula on the Homebrew repository, making it easier for our customers running Apple’s operating system to install the Nuxeo Platform and third-party software.

Cloud Environments

Azure Image We build this image for every LTS (Long-term support) version of the Nuxeo Platform.

AWS Images A Nuxeo Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is published for every LTS version of the Nuxeo Platform on the Amazon marketplace. This image is based on the APT package, and you can get the link to it on our website. We also provide AWS Cloud Formation Images, which are automatically updated when we publish a new Debian package (published for both LTS and Fast Track versions).

All installers and command line instructions are available on our website. If the package you need is not in the list, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!