Today is Bug Day!

I'm happy to announce that Nuxeo will be doing a bug day on the 15th of every month. For the perfectionists, when the 15th is a Saturday/Sunday, the bug day will be on the following Monday :)

All of the bugs we’ll be working on are tagged with ‘bugday‘ in our Jira. The tickets that we want to include in the bug day backlog must be:

  • Bugs (obviously)
  • Quite short to fix (3 hours estimate max)

You're all welcome to participate :) Send us your pull requests! And if someone external to Nuxeo fixes more bugs than any of our developer does, I'll send him a Nuxeo t-shirt :D

If you’re experiencing difficulties while fixing bugs, you can ping us on our IRC channel (#nuxeo on Freenode). You can also join us on our Google+ community website :)