We understand that it’s sometimes helpful to have different ways of accomplishing the same task. And let’s face it, you can’t have too many import options. That’s like saying I have too much closet space! The Nuxeo CSV Importer gives you the ability to bulk-import hundreds of thousands of documents with their metadata (and binaries) into your Nuxeo repository. Awesome, right!

All you need is the Nuxeo CSV addon, available in the Nuxeo Marketplace. Upon installing this addon, you will see an Import a CSV file button for all users that have at least the Edit permission on any document in which it is possible to import a file (Note: by default, this means workspaces and folders). If you configured other documents types in which it is possible to import files, then the button “Import a CSV file” can also be available (see the page How to Enable CSV Import on a Custom Document Type to learn more):

Import a CSV

Clicking on the Import a CSV file button will present you with a file chooser window. Select your CSV file then click the Process button. You are all set and importing!

CSV Import

Once the import process has finished, you will be presented with a nice report of the results. Voila! Stand back and admire how easy that was!

Import Complete

Visit the Nuxeo Documentation Center to learn more about the Nuxeo CSV bulk import.