Nuxeo released its Case Management Framework earlier this year, and has already had some significant customer wins in public sector and financial services with this particular packaging of the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform architecture.

Alexandre Russel, one of the senior developers on the Nuxeo CMF project team did a fantastic session on the mainstage at Nuxeo World last month, talking about what we've done, answering the question "why a framework", and offering a sneak peek in to the roadmap for us. His presentation is posted on SlideShare.

Nuxeo World Session: Case Management Framework

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Many ECM vendors provide Case Management solutions, using a bunch of descriptors like advanced, or adaptive, etc etc. The Nuxeo offering in this space was specifically designed, packaged and launched as a Framework - meaning we anticipate that it will deliver the fundamental architecture and core functionality needed by integrators or information architects, but with the assumption that the Case Management cannot be an out of the box product. Vertical industries, horizontal lines of businesses, unique needs of complex companies: a framework was the only logical way to deliver a useful set of tools for application deployment.

The Nuxeo Case Management Framework contains a few new features not found in Nuxeo DM. The presentation does a good job of highlighting these case-specific capabilities:

  • New Object Types, including Mailboxes, and Case Folders

  • Distribution Services

  • Document Routing Services

  • Mailbox to Mailbox Case Routing Services

  • Supported with Nuxeo Studio for configuration, branding and customization

More on Nuxeo Case Management Framework can be found on our updated Documentation Center, and of course can be obtained at no-charge under the LGPL open source license from the Nuxeo download site.