I am pleased to announce that Chalmers University of Technology(Sweden) just told me that they would like to join the Apogée project (Proposal of Eclipse Foundation). Chalmers University is an early adopter of Nuxeo and a mojor contributor to the CPS Platform (through Jean-Marc Orliaguet, the best "AJAX and web rendering engines" guy I know and a major guru of CPS Platform :-). I am glad they also are interested in this new project and very exited to work with them.

BTW, I really love to make annoucement like this (or the two latests :-).

Here is a little quote from the university...

Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has started a project aiming at setting up and updating several websites in cooperation with universities in China. Being able to have access to the rich-document editing features and content management capabilities of CPS3 while working offline is a very important feature: due to the nature of the internet connection with China (low speed connection with Europe, high latency, ...), updating website content through-the-web is not a viable option.
The Apogée project appears to be a very promising extension of CPS that Chalmers is expressing its very strong interest for.

Thank you for joining, we are very exciting to get this interest in the project and look forward working together.

(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)