I am trying to choose a new IDE to write Python code, after a few problems I
had with the beeeep generic editor I use.

I've read the very interesting blurg from Jonathan Ellis here
but i didn't find the IDE that fits me yet. I am trying them all.


The perfect IDE for me needs:

  • easy encoding configuration: I do iso-8859-15 and some of the IDE out
    there don't want me to.

  • simple, yet powerfull, code completion. Some of them are just

  • reasonable CPU/Mem load
  • A decent learning curve 

  • good enough code cleaning: trailing spaces removal
  • bad syntax notifier: for example SPE hilites bad syntax

  • decent debugguer links, with toggles.
  • easy macro programming
  • XML, ZPT, CSS, and third party editing as well, with proper
    indentation. 4 is nice for Python, I want 2 for ZPT !
  • ...

Tried so far: drpython, SPE, Eric3, WingIde, Bluefish, BoaConstructor,

  • drpython: really nice plugin, script features, i need to get deeper
    into it. autocompletion not really helpfull. I had to manually download and
    install plugins, the download UI bugged.

  • Eric3: pretty good, I miss some features though, still trying it
  • WingIDE: really nice

  • SPE: Nice one, I had some bugs but Stani corrected them in the very
    same day I mentioned them.

  • Bluefish: not interesting for 100% python devel.
  • BoaConstructor: I can't get use to the UI, and had a few bugs

I won't try PyDev, i need to run other softwares when I am working ;)


DrPython is one of the smartest, nicest of the list in my opinion, Eric3 and
WingIde are rocking too. But at this time, I go for SPE, because it is a
very fast moving project, and will probably fullfill all my wishes

(Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)