Yesterday was the first day of the CMIS Technical Committee face-to-face meeting. This time we're grateful to Oracle for hosting us in their offices in Boulder, Colorado.

Here are a few highlights of what transpired during this first day.

First, CMIS is really taking hold inside the big companies in this TC. Most of them plan to make available, privately to other TC members, some test versions of the CMIS servers they are working on, to ensure interoperability as early as possible. Of course these face-to-face meetings are also designed as "plugfests", where we set up test servers and let other's clients connect to them, but it's important to have it continue beyond these three days of meetings. It's unfortunate that these servers can't be public, but it's a fact of life inside big companies that you can't publicly speak about or show what you're working on.

Of course in the open source world we have much more latitude, and Nuxeo will be putting up soon a page with instructions for downloading and using Apache Chemistry and the Nuxeo CMIS bindings, as well as a public server that people can use for testing. And with all the code available! :)

Another thing that became clear today is that everybody is pretty happy with the spec as it is, and that we're nearly ready to start the OASIS review process that will first make it go through formal public review, and then open the OASIS vote for CMIS to become a standard. This process takes time (a minimum of four month), so we should start it as early as possible. But this means that, baring problems, CMIS should be a 1.0 standard by the end of the year, which is great news!

Much of the afternoon of this first day was taken up by a paragraph-by-paragraph review of the spec, where we criticized, clarified, reworded, or otherwise discussed every aspect of the spec. This process is long but invaluable, and we all agree that it makes the spec better. It will continue tomorrow and the day after, both for the first part that describes the domain model, and for the AtomPub and SOAP bindings.

Stay tuned for more news...

(The second part of this series describes the second day of the meeting.)