IMG_2037All good things: pastries, coffee...and of course the Nuxeo Content Management Platform! We didn't need anything else to convince our customers to participate in our first breakfast event. We invited our customers to join us for a breakfast seminar in our Paris offices for networking, updates from Nuxeo, and a demo from our partner Astone.

Our clients seemed very happy with the result, as you can read in Elise's blog post from Sollan. There was good strong coffee and flaky croissants (but of course!), but above all there were 2 outstanding presentations and an awesome crowd.

The first one was led by Frédéric Vadon and Benjamin Jalon. They talked about some of the new features in the Nuxeo Platform, including some major advances in digital asset management, customizability, platform user experience, and also Nuxeo Drive, our content synchronization software.

IMG_2044Our partner Astone Solutions then showed the integration they developed between the Nuxeo Platform and Liferay and discussed different use cases.

You can find the slides of both presentations (in French) here: Astone and Nuxeo.

We'll probably organize some more events of this type in the future, so stay tuned for more information and invitations in your email box! We love to meet our clients in person and hope to see you in Paris for the next Nuxeo breakfast.

Nuxeo World is just around the corner as well, October 9-10 in Paris. This one will be bigger and better than last year, so register soon: