If you've ever wanted to configure a search form within a specific domain, here's your chance!
Now incorporated with Nuxeo products, via the new Local Configuration, you may have a dedicated Faceted Search or Advanced Search. What can you do with this new search capability? One example is that this type of search permits queries to be conducted for invoices used by managers, but also provide a more restricted Advanced Search for normal people.

It may interest you...

That looks good, but HOW?

I won't go into detail about how exactly to contribute your new search, but you may refer to our Documentation Center for starters.

As you know, Faceted Search and Advanced Search are based on Content Views. So, you will need to create two new content views, and then add a flag:

You are now able to configure them by navigating to:

XXX-domain > Manage > Local configuration

Enable the search fields you want, and you should have something like this:

Faceted search specific content views:

Advanced search specific content views:

You now have different search forms depending on which domain your document is from.

That's all... easy, no?