A great design is only half the recipe for a successful product; you also need to sell it. Marketing and sales teams need to know what they’re selling and how to sell it to your target audience. These downstream teams need to have access to the right product information in context to create convincing offers or branding.

Everyone from marketers to sales representatives and retailers relies on up-to-date, accurate product information to make informed decisions on how to present products to customers. However, in companies with diverse and complex product assortments, these teams often struggle to find the product data they need.

The Challenge: Disparate Product Information

When we spoke with some of the largest product companies in the world, there was consistent frustration around access, visibility, and security. The companies complained that:

  • Teams using marketing assets request work that has already been completed, but can’t find in their systems. These systems often have broken search capabilities, which results in frustration and delays.
  • Some retail portals can’t differentiate the content visible to each customer, so one department store could see a competitor’s private label products.
  • Without upstream visibility, sales teams try to piece together what they need from Google, which often spreads out-of-date or incorrect product information.
  • Social media marketers search different repositories to find what they’re looking for, or run their own creative photoshoots but regularly miss out on the perfect product lifestyle shot hidden in an unsearched location.

Our conversations with product companies revealed widespread dissatisfaction with the traditional ad-hoc Product Asset Management process. It was clear that modern product companies need complete control and visibility over the digital content they produce. They needed a content hub software.

Discover Content in Context

Nuxeo’s solution to redefining the content discovery process was to design the Nuxeo Platform, a state-of-the-art Content Services Platform (CSP) that enables product companies to create unique content hubs.

With Nuxeo Platform, the user can create custom content portals tailored to the needs of each internal and external team. We believe that flexibility is the key to enabling every company to handle the Product Asset Management process in a way that integrates with their day-to-day operations.

Use Cases: A Content Hub for Retailers, Social Media Marketers or PR Agencies

The flexibility of the Nuxeo Platform enables it to adjust to the needs of any company, including retailers. Retailers manage vast product inventories and regularly struggle to maintain visibility. Content portals resolve the problem by bringing all product data into one place.

With Nuxeo, retailers can create a content hub that links inventory and product information systems together. That means no more searching for content locked in disparate solutions. There’s also the option to limit access to brand images and product data so that users can only see information about products the retailer has purchased.

Content hubs can also have the flexibility required to support social media marketers and PR agencies. For instance, the user can display contextual information such as influencer product mentions with a Pinterest-style board to offer greater visibility and image selection. There’s less manual work and more transparency.

Decrease Manual Work with Automated Content Hubs

Deploying a content hub eliminates the need for tedious administration work. With Nuxeo, there’s no need for manual tasks like configuring user permissions or manually adding assets to the hub. The platform automatically adds content to the hub whenever a specific action or approval process is complete.

For instance, if a major retailer buys the shirt, the system automatically adds it to the company’s retailer portal. Teams don’t need to waste time adding information manually, which gives them more time to spend on marketing your product!

Create Content Hubs Your Way

The Nuxeo Platform gives you the tools you need to build content hubs and portals that are unique to your business. We believe that our Content Services Platform should adapt to your needs and not the other way around, which is why we offer a fully-configurable UI.

Our industry-leading automation makes the process painless so that you can start adding product data from the business systems you rely on every day with ease. A unified content portal gives your marketing and sales teams, the right content, in context, when they need it.

To learn more about how Nuxeo can help your team access upstream content on-demand, visit our webpageAccelerate your product launches or read this short brief about How to Create a Content Hub.