We work in a data-first world, and it’s no secret that the companies that can effectively create, capture, and harness information and data to support important business decisions are the most successful. However, managing business data and content is more complex today than ever before. The volume and complexity of documents, images, videos, and other digital assets enterprises must manage is exploding.

Furthermore, each of these objects have other data attributes associated with them (i.e., a customer account number on an agreement, product licensing information in an email, an expiration date on a contract, etc.) - and this is the truly rich content.

Think about it this way-data serves as the way humans can communicate what information is to a machine, and then the machine will know what to do with that information. In this context, one could argue that this data is just as important as the information itself because it serves as the “enabler” for the machine to do want we want it to do with the information.

An Intelligent Approach to Data and Content Management

The complex content management needs of the modern enterprise requires a more intelligent and nimble approach. Companies looking to improve the manner in which they manage information are increasingly deploying solutions and platforms that have been architected to leverage the Cloud Content Management system and artificial intelligence for content management](/content-services-platform/ai/) to deliver a more integrated, automated, and intelligent environment for data management.

Intelligent Content Management

Automating and simplifying the manner in which employees can engage with content is always top of mind for companies in our data-first world, and in this regard, artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role. Machine learning, natural language understanding, and other AI-based technologies are not only enabling companies to automate the classification of files and other traditionally-manual processes, but also to intuitively recommend information to users in a personalized manner and to optimize labor-intensive processes.

The Digital Transformation Journey

While every organization will have a different path to digital transformation based on their unique needs and requirements, enterprises are recognizing they must go beyond the “one-size-fits-all” way of thinking when it comes to effectively managing information objects and their data attributes.

Digital transformation can only truly be realized by marrying content and data intelligently, and providing knowledge workers with a unified way to create, access, and manage this “rich content” from any core business system. At Nuxeo, we do this better than anyone else in the world.

By leveraging APIs and connectors, the Nuxeo Content Services Platform can not only seamlessly integrate with existing systems and repositories to make information easier to find across the company, but also enrich information in these native systems to drive a deeper level of analytics and insights. In this integrated and connected environment, users have a 360-degree view of related processes and information associated with each content – and this is insight that can drive critical business decisions, provide a competitive advantage, improve customer satisfaction, and drive the bottom line. It’s time to create intelligent content applications.

Nuxeo’s Intelligent Data Model Speaks the Language of “Digital Transformation”

At Nuxeo, we believe the enabler of true digital transformation throughout an organization is the flexibility and expressivity of our platform’s data model. The data model is the way the software can understand the business-think of the data model as the “language” through which the business can communicate with the machine. In this context, you must be able to express your business to the software, but if the ability to express yourself isn’t available in the language of the data model, then you run the risk of losing business-critical information.

Nuxeo can support demanding and complex enterprise-scale information management environments and use cases because our data model can speak the language of your business.

In addition to our flexible and expressive data model, Nuxeo can scale to billions of complex business objects and serve thousands of queries per second. Think about it-the power of our data model can be leveraged for automation and analytics via machine learning (for a machine to learn, it needs structured data, which again points to the need for an expressive data model).

Think about a large enterprise that manages thousands of contracts - each with its own complex set of data attributes (customer organization, customer contact, internal contract owner, project, renewal/expiration date, etc). In this example, a data model that can express the specific nuances of a business, which in turn can then provide the foundation for intelligently automating the initiation of early contract renewals to secure more favorable terms.

And it doesn’t stop there - this language and expressivity can also be extended to your mobile apps and also utilized in other ways to enhance the customer experience, improve efficiencies, and ultimately strengthen your business.

Our platform and data model have been architected in a flexible way to understand and adapt to your business, and it’s this innovative and open approach that continues to set Nuxeo apart from our competitors.

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