Still lots of great content from Nuxeo World last month that we'll be discussing, but wanted to give this session on our new developer distributions more attention.

When Nuxeo announced the new developer distributions - Nuxeo Core Server and Nuxeo Content Application Platform - with the EP/DM 5.4 release, it was about less "new" products, and more about enhancing the packaging of what many of our customers were already using as the base framework for application development. We've been doing some extensive customer interviews over the last few months, and this has been a great help as we strive to continually improve our message, differentiation, and communicate the use-cases where Nuxeo is a clear technology winner.

Nuxeo CTO Thierry Delprat and our DevOps manager Julien Carsique presented this session on the new Nuxeo EP developer distributions as a closing session at Nuxeo World. Check out the slides for more information and better understand how and when these developer distributions of Nuxeo EP should be selected when an application builder knows they need to build a content- or case-centric app for their unique requirements.

What's Nuxeo Core Server?

Nuxeo Core Server is the repository and essential content management component services that power Nuxeo EP. If you're a Java developer who wants to build or embed content management storage services into your content application, or embed it in a third party software product, it's likely the right distribution to look at. Built for high performance, high volume environments, it also includes support for the CMIS interoperability standard, ensuring your app built with Nuxeo Core Server can play nicely with any number of information management products in the market today.

What's Nuxeo Content Application Server?

Nuxeo CAP is the Nuxeo EP distribution that includes Nuxeo Core Server, but also a full range of UI frameworks, and the services platform to provide many independent yet interoperable ECM services. It's built to be flexible and modular so that a developer can choose to bundle the specific components and services needed for their application. This is the distribution recommended for Java developers who want to build a content application for a customer scenario, or to deliver a specific vertical or horizontal application beyond general purpose document management.

These developer distributions are one of the key differentiators of Nuxeo in the enterprise content management market. While many customers download, test drive and use our packaged applications for DM or DAM, increasingly we see that our most creative and innovative customers building applications on our open source platform architecture from the ground up. This is what makes the Nuxeo platform approach to ECM a new one in the market, one that's gaining traction, getting the attention of influencers, and most importantly, being used in some of the most fascinating content management applications in some of the coolest companies out there today.

Both of the new developer distributions can be downloaded from