Doc.nuxeo.comWe recently had a very nice question from Utopian who asks how he can become a documentation contributor. I love those kind of questions. I've already written something about translation contribution today, you can check it out here.

So about becoming a documentation contributor, if you want to help, like Utopian, here's how it works.

First I have to tell you that we have developer, administrator and user documentation. So everyone in the community can contribute. You don't have to be a very technical person :-)

Now for the practical details. If you want to contribute to the documentation, you obviously need to create an account on Then, make yourself known. You can do this on Nuxeo Answers, the nuxeo-dev mailing list or on the Nuxeo Google+ community page. Once we've seen you, we can add you to the contributors group. It means you'll be able to edit the user, developer and administrator guides.

When you edit a page, its state will go to draft. A draft can only be seen by you, the Nuxeo group and the administrators. Our technical documentation writer will review your changes and possibly leave some comments. When the page is ready, it's published by someone at Nuxeo. Your changes are now visible for everybody.

To sum up today's blog posts, if you want to translate the documentation, please send us directly an email so we can find the best way and tools to do it. Thanks!