In late June, Nuxeo launched its Case Management Framework - the first such framework from an open source ECM provider, available for no-charge download under the LGPL license agreement, and fully supported by Nuxeo Online Services support and maintenance subscriptions.

Three weeks after the release of Nuxeo CMF, we've delivered the first of several template sets to extend the framework, and bring the power of Nuxeo ECM to specific content challenges faced by our customers. This first application is Nuxeo Correspondence Management.

Several years ago I worked very closely with a set of government clients, consultants and colleagues to design an end-to-end Correspondence Management application to meet the rigorous needs of high-profile, highly-pressured executives in multi-lingual and security conscious organizations. Adapting rapidly to user feedback, customization requests, and feature requirements was a stumbling block - extensibility and flexibility of that legacy platform was limited.

The world of ECM, thankfully, has evolved over the last 5-6 years. Nuxeo is at the forefront of nimble, modern, next generation ECM providers, who can deliver both platforms and solutions to clients and integrators to just get things done. We can now dispense with the endless debate over license acquisitions or maintenance contracts that punish organizations as they grow and want to expand application adoption to more and more information workers, while respecting and encouraging the use of open standards for interoperability, metadata management and digital preservation.



Nuxeo's Correspondence Management application has been designed by aggregating the collected experience from numerous public sector and regulated agency deployments. The feature set has been driven by requirements that have been consistently articulated as essential for secure, timely and streamlined processing of incoming correspondence. But when the requirements change, new ones emerge, or the format of what is considered 'correspondence' shifts (from paper to fax to email to web and social media), the solution architecture needs to be flexible enough to keep up with new demands quickly and with minimal disruption to end user day to day activities.


Citizens, the press and other external stakeholders are entitled to timely and accurate responses to their questions from their elected representatives and government officials. Applications such as Nuxeo Correspondence Management helps keep the flow of information from government to the public moving quickly and consistently. And an open source platform assures this opportunity is open to institutions regardless of mandate, size or budget.