The amount of data organizations create and process is growing at an amazing rate. Big Data is no longer something we talk about - it’s something we manage daily. Customers building applications using the Nuxeo Platform are often dealing with large amounts of content and are looking for a storage solution that enables them to not only store that content but also easily access and process it. This is why we have chosen to integrate MongoDB into the Nuxeo Platform.

MongoDB isn’t replacing our existing SQL-based storage engine. Instead, it is an alternative for companies dealing with an enormous volume and variety of content. As the leading NoSQL database, MongoDB was built for scalability, performance and high availability.

What MongoDB Brings to the Table

MongoDB offers a range of features for companies who have large content stores. Some of these include:

  • Full index support,
  • Document-based querying,
  • Map/Reduce - content aggregation and data processing,
  • Auto-sharding - the ability to scale horizontally,
  • Replication and high availability,
  • Fast in-place updates,
  • Monitoring and backup management service.

MongoDB + Nuxeo Platform

Nuxeo customers with large content store requirements are able to leverage MongoDB to get features such as replication, zero downtime and multi-master writes. It also works well alongside Elasticsearch, leveraging Elasticsearch for advanced queries and MongoDB for scalable content storage.

Additional integration with MongoDB planned includes leveraging parallel processing to accelerate some write-intensive options, or provide parallel computations on content.

Integrating the Nuxeo Platform and MongoDB also offers the best of content management (versioning, access control, workflow, querying, metadata management, business logic, sharing, auditing, file conversion, etc.) with scalable, highly available storage. This is everything you need to build a content-centric application.

For MongoDB developers building content management applications, the Nuxeo Platform gives a great set of content management features ready to snap in, enabling them to concentrate on other important aspects of their applications.

The MongoDB integration is delivered as a Nuxeo Marketplace package, and is compatible with the latest Fast Track version of the Nuxeo Platform, 5.9.4.

Get Started Now

Take it for a test drive:

  1. Download Nuxeo Platform.
  2. Download and install MongoDB.
  3. Add the MongoDB package to your Nuxeo Platform installation.
  4. Play.

In Fast Track version 5.9.5, MongoDB will be available directly in the Nuxeo Platform, alongside the SQL-based storage option.

It’s worth pointing out that we have built this integration in such a way, that other NoSQL storage options can also be integrated into the platform. So stay tuned to hear more about our MongoDB integration and new NoSQL storage options down the road.