The CPS bug day this Wednesday was quite productive. A number of actual bugs were fixed, but more importantly a lot of bug triage and sorting happened, to determine what was urgent (going into CPS 3.3.6), what was necessary for the next stable CPS 3.4 release, and what could be postponed to a later development cycle (CPS 3.5). The Timeline for Wednesday show 65 bugs resolved (fixed or closed). In addition to these, several hundreds have been retargetted or cleaned up.

I'm now confident that CPS 3.3.6 will get released within a week. Before CPS 3.4 we still have a number of important things to do though, so there may be a need for a CPS 3.3.7 which would serve as some kind of prerelease, we'll really need "in the wild" validating of some important features such as the CMFSetup-based installation and import/export tools.

The schedule for the remaining work before CPS 3.4 is really conditionned by the availability of the developers. We still expect CPS 3.4 to be released around mid-october.