The week went very fast, but was very productive indeed, here's a quick
wrapup of sprinters work:

Florent & Dario: The boys managed to write a parser to
leverage the schemas that exists in JCR into Python structures. They create
Zope 3 schemas, rather than CPSSchemas. Everything will be hooked through JackRabbit, so JCR content will
become a good citizen for beeing used within Zope 3. They've also created a
hierarchy of interfaces for this in Zope 3. All the work is here: nuxeo.jcr

Michael & Lennart: They struggled with Zope 2 & 3
publishers to continue Sidnei's work and came up with an advanced prototype.
And, as this was one of the concern, they benched a bit twisted behavior in
Zope 2, using funkload and it seem
not too slow compared to zserver. The work is on a branch on

Jean-Marc: That guy knows everything about Zope 2 and Zope 3
branches now ;). Philipp
helped a lot through IRC (thanks) and Jean Marc came up with... wait a
a blog entry that resumes it all

Tarek: After a first release of CPSResourceLibrary,
, I focused on doing tests automation in Javascript. OK
that might not be very easy to set up on a buildbot, but on my laptop, it's
going to be just perfect to TDD js code in zope.

Joachim: He played with Jean-Marc Cpsskins v3 concepts, by
creating some Ajax Portlets in CPS 3.4, relying on CPSResourceLibrary, and
nuxeo.javascript. Watch it in CPSAjaxPortlets,
it's coming soon babe !

(Post originally written by Tarek Ziadé on the old Nuxeo blogs.)