I have implemented a partial AtomAPI support into CPSBlog, using specification and methods described by Blogger and Typepad AtomAPI.

This mainly allow blogging from desktop and mobile application.

Right now, CPSBlog AtomAPI implementation supports:

  • adding entries

  • editing entries

  • retrieving and using categories (though some bugs seems to exists
    depending on the client)

  • reading feed / entries

From a technical point of view, I've used the excellent lxml python
component to parse incoming request and manage to also deal with SOAP
enveloppe request (sent by some client, even if the server never says it
accept it ! :-).

This blog will be posted using ecto on MacOS X (at least I hope it will work since it's the first post using AtomAPI on this site ;-). BTW, I was really disappointed to find out that there is very few AtomAPI clients (and almost none open source, but PyQLogger which seems to not work at the moment :-/).

How to get it working (taking this site as example):

Then your client should get the required information and download the feed to allow you to post ! :-)

I would be pleased to get some feedback of using the API from other
clients (Windows / Linux).


  • HTTP DELETE support to delete an entry
  • pictures / files upload support (if I can find a client that supports it)

  • test, test, test, test and more test !

Hope this help !

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(Post originally written by Eric Barroca on the old Nuxeo blogs.)