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Thu 22 September 2005 By nuxeo

What is it ?

Cartographic maps are extremely useful tools for analyzing and summarizing
information with a spatial component, and many CPS documents have a spatial
component: events happen at places, and reports are often concerned with
places. With the addition of a few simple properties, CPS documents can be
promoted to GIS (Geographic Information System) features. The CPSGeo
product provides a new geolocation schema for documents, and a lightweight
web GIS application for locating and displaying document features
cartographically. CPSGeo builds upon open standards for GIS
interoperability such as GML, the Geography Markup Language, and WMS, the
Web Map Service specification. The body which oversees these standards is
the Open Geospatial Consortium (http://www.opengeospatial.org).


You may check the CPSGeo manual over there :


And as well the doc sub-folder of the product :



We released a first devel version of CPSGeo (0.1.1-1) that you can grab
from there :


The source code is over there :


Note, CPSGeo works against latest CPS versions. CPS-3.3.6 
or trunk
will be fine.


Couple of screenshots to get a quick overview.


Report bugs



Home page


Thanks to Sean Gillies for his work
on this component.

We would love hearing from your experience using CPSGeo :)

Enjoy !

(Post originally written by Julien Anguenot on the old Nuxeo blogs.)

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