CPSLDAPSetup is a directory configuration that allows CPS to use a LDAP
directory as its members database.

It's of course not a novelty per se: CPS directory options have been
including LDAP backing directories for a very long time and the optional
CPSUserFolder product allowed to use them directly for authentication
purposes since the early days of CPS 3.3

One of the many under-the-hood improvements in the jump from CPS 3.3.8 to
CPS 3.4 consisted in making CPS 3.4 the default user folder.

CPS directory configuration is incredibly flexible: it allows for vertical
and horizontal aggregation of directories, which can themselves come from
ZODB, LDAP or SQL. We have field renamings, missing entries...
Thanks to this, CPS can swallow very heterogeneous setups that were not
meant to use with it.

All this flexibility also makes it a bit complicated to design a working
LDAP setup from scratch. This is the hole that CPSLDAPSetup1 is
meant to fill. This is a quite simple setup, complete with an Openldap
sample configuration, where only members come from LDAP. Thanks to the
GenericSetup configuration importer, it will be easy in the future to
provide other configurations, thanks to extension profiles.

We released today the 1.0 beta version for CPS 3.4.0. You can get more info on the project home page
. Remember, this a beta version: do not test
on existing databases and read the README!

1: The CPS 3.3.8 version was started by Julien.

(Post originally written by Georges Racinet on the old Nuxeo blogs.)