Last week, Nuxeo and Crawford Technologies announced a partnership agreement and joint integration, CCM Gateway for Nuxeo, that gives organizations the ability to move their high-volume documents and customer service data, regardless of format, into the Nuxeo ecosystem.

Customer communications and associated service data for important customer-facing documents, bills, invoices, and financial statements are generated by core business and customer communication management software. Most of these documents are created in print formats that are not effectively supported by content management systems, forcing many organizations to rely on expensive and outdated archiving systems to store and manage these documents today.

CCM Gateway for Nuxeo enables sophisticated, universal print stream conversions, indexing, and document classification for a wide range of print formats, including AFP, Xerox, PDF, PostScript, PCL, and others. It makes it possible for Nuxeo customers to rationalize outdated archiving systems and manage all content including critical CCM customer communication management by the Nuxeo Platform.

This approach ensures that all electronic documents are effectively managed, securely stored, and fully compliant with best practices and regulatory standards.

Customer Communications ECM

Why is this announcement important for Nuxeo customers? Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits this integration provides:

Take Control of your Incoming Customer Communications

Industry regulations require retention of statements, bills, invoices, and correspondence in banking, insurance, and healthcare. But studies show that up to 80% of these documents are still printed and mailed, making this nearly impossible to enforce. CCM Gateway for Nuxeo supports workflows that include file capture, content transformation, indexing, and delivery to Nuxeo. Workflows can tailor processing based on document type, metadata, and index information, to ensure documents are processed and stored appropriately for future use.

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Handling High Volumes with Ease

CCM Gateway for Nuxeo is scalable to meet customer requirements for incoming communications and backfile conversion projects. Crawford Technologies handles high volume customer communication archiving by distributing processing in a multi-node architecture while delivering individual documents to Nuxeo rather than opaque batch files that provided limited value beyond archival. CCM Gateway for Nuxeo also delivers important index and metadata to properly store, process, retain, and ensure searchability in the future.

Enable 360-Degree View of your Customers

By combining customer communication documents with your enterprise information enables a comprehensive view of a case, essential for enabling your employees to efficiently interact with customers. By standardizing customer communications formats and extracting important metadata, business processes ensure that relevant information is available for decision-making, enabling straight-through process automation while improving productivity for remaining manual tasks.

By combining Crawford Technologies’ powerful transformation capabilities with Nuxeo’s modern approach to traditional Enterprise Content Management system, customers can rapidly create business applications that extract even more efficiency and value from enterprise information, no matter where it exists and in what format it’s stored. By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and process management, Nuxeo goes beyond archiving customer communications, helping you leverage this information to power your organization’s digital transformation projects.