Plam TreesOver the past few days, online travel agencies must have seen a spike in web traffic from New York City. New York just had an encounter with the winter storm Stella. Although it ended up being less dangerous than predicted, the freezing temperatures did make everyone dream of a sunny and warm vacation, including me!

While riding the subway home, I checked out my favorite online travel agency on my smartphone to see where I could book my next trip. In the chaotic New York subway commute, I was dreaming of a poolside cocktail with a view of palm trees and pristine water. As a typical New Yorker, I had very little time to spare on this purchase, and so I got picky about the very first picture I see on each travel package. If the picture didn’t meet my expectation, I would move on.

Can you lose a customer because you’re using the wrong content? That’s not news! But how do you ensure that your team is using the most valuable and relevant digital assets to promote your products?

Sure, you can use a WCM platform to manage your web content, but is it adequate to manage your content across all departments in your organization? Is it enough to manage content for desktop, mobile, print, signage, and other outlets?

Maybe you’re missing out on opportunities just because your team is not able to use the right digital assets to create the most engaging customer experience. You might want to think about building a platform that is focused solely on:

  • Managing content
  • Enabling other applications in your company to make use of your content
  • Developing rich and engaging services to help travellers

With the increase in mobile usage, you also need a system that is flexible enough to support mobile content. You probably want to get away from the classic page-centric approach of most Content Management Systems.

In large enterprises, most departments are already using their own solution for providing content to their users and they don’t want to change everything. They want a platform flexible enough to match their future content creation and one that they can plug in with their existing systems in place.

In a few words, creating the most engaging experience for your customers and higher conversion rates can be achieved by providing your team with the digital content they need in a smart way and by maximizing the value of each digital asset across the enterprise through the solutions that your team already use and love. Skyscanner, a leading global online travel search company, did something along these lines.

Skyscanner used the Nuxeo Platform to build a Travel Content Platform focused solely on managing content, enabling other applications to make use of that content and developing rich and engaging services to help travellers.

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