In my current project I have been trying to position things
with CSS. This should in theory be easier than using tables,
but I still had nagging doubts about it. I was right, of
course. It wasn't very easy.

The main lasting problem is that when you set width and
height properties in CSS2, this is the width and height of the
content of the box, not the box itself. This is contrary to
earlier box models, and to be honest, quite unusable. In
theory there are many options to solve this, but of course, in
practice none of them works.

In my quest for solutions several people (primarily Florent)
to redirected me to,
which has an excellent overview over most quirks and
weirdnesses and solutions for most. Not for this particular
problem, however. Internet Explorer for windows simply does
not supportany of the solutions I tried, so, until IE gets
proper CSS3 support, my boxes will simply have to be slightly
too wide on IE for Windows.

(Post originally written by Lennart Regebro on the old Nuxeo blogs.)