Last year, CVS Health outlined its vision of building a better, more affordable, and easier to use health system. The goal was to create a model – based on an open-source platform - that makes products and services more accessible to all patients, providers and payors in the market.

Today, Nuxeo is helping CVS Health get closer to that ideal by providing the foundational technology for the pharmacy giant’s new cutting-edge knowledge management system.

Transitioning Away From Legacy ECM Systems

Like many Fortune 500 companies, CVS Health recognized their existing, decade-old KM solution couldn’t keep up with modern day demands. The company’s legacy solution (CareSource) was developed using IBM Filenet - an antiquated Enterprise Content Management system with an outdated architecture. To support its evolution as a health care innovation company, CVS needed something much more flexible, open, and scalable.

We were using ‘end of life’ technology … and it simply was not meeting our needs and requirements. We needed an alternative platform with better search capabilities, document storage, and other 21st century content services technologies.
CVS Health Architect

After evaluating several vendors and looking at other larger deployment with well-established brands, CVS Health ultimately selected Nuxeo’s open source cloud-native content platform to build its next generation KM system, called ‘TheSource.’

A Mission Critical Update

TheSource is a critical solution that facilitates internal communication between more than 60 internal CVS Health departments - including mail services, clinical services, patient care, and specialty providers. It supports approximately 20,000 – 25,000 users who actively use the system to important information and documents.

CVS Health is unique in that every employer the company works with has a different plan, and different coverage levels for their staff. It’s vital that customer care agents can quickly find up-to-date information they need – not only for CVS Health’s business, but also for the well-being of the millions of people who use the company’s services through their employers.

Nuxeo separated itself from would-be competitors because we offered the open, modern, and highly-scalable solution CVS Health needed to replace an aging legacy system. By enabling the company to modernize its Product Knowledge Management, Nuxeo is also helping the company deliver on its mission to help people on their path to better health.

Read more about how Nuxeo is powering [mission-critical functions for CVS Health](/customers/cvs/ in this recently-published case study.