We are very pleased to announce the new version of Nuxeo DAM.

You can download the latest release of Nuxeo DAM from the nuxeo.com download section.

New Features & Highlights

Video Storyboarding

To enhance video collaboration efforts, Nuxeo DAM automatically generates upon video import a series of thumbnails that
segment the contents of a video file. These video chapters can be viewed individually, enabling the easy location of scenes and identification of video segments to share with colleagues.

Nuxeo DAM 1.1 - Storyboarding-zoom

Video Streaming

The video streaming feature offers instant viewing access to a video, because it starts playing before the end of the file download. The most common video formats can be uploaded into Nuxeo DAM. Note: this feature is only available for Windows servers at this time.

Bulk Import

Speed up digital asset capture with the improved bulk import system,
allowing the import of large numbers of files, with IPTC and EXIF
metadata extraction and bulk tagging.

Bulk Edit of Assets

To ease large-scale media file processing, Nuxeo DAM allows users to edit file descriptions, define metadata, and adjust settings for a selection of multiple assets.

Nuxeo DAM 1.1 - Bulk Edit

Shared repository - Nuxeo DAM and Nuxeo Document Management

Built on the Nuxeo Enterprise Platform, Nuxeo DAM can now be connected to a Nuxeo DM or Nuxeo EP repository. Documents and files managed in a Nuxeo DM repository can be accessed from Nuxeo DAM without switching applications. Using the power of Nuxeo ECM as a platform, Nuxeo offers a unified experience and workflow to users throughout the organization.

About Nuxeo DAM

Nuxeo DAM is a robust, extensible, Digital Asset Management
solution available as Open Source Software (OSS) that helps marketing
and brand managers catalogue, process, store, retrieve, and
distribute rich media content, including images, audio, and video.

Streamlining these tasks enables creative users to focus on ideas
and design by freeing them from resource-intensive content control

Nuxeo DAM, a state-of-the-art application built on a new
generation of ECM, provides:

  • An intuitive experience, designed for creative users

  • Improved productivity, with the automation and streamlining of
    routine tasks

  • A trusted repository, designed for secure and easy scaling as
    projects expand

  • Interoperability, with a CMIS-enabled platform and a extensible high-level REST API

Documentation & Help

Please use the following resources to get help and documentation:

We hope you'll enjoy the release and look forward to your feedback on Nuxeo DAM's discussion forum!

The Nuxeo DAM team.