Digimarc and Nuxeo are joining with David Lipsey of Henry Stewart for a webinar on October 3, 2018 to share how advanced Digital Asset Management (DAM) and watermarking technologies can:

  • Enhance your brand’s value
  • Ease the effort of finding fakes or freeloaders
  • Why DAM and imperceptible watermarking are a perfect match

One area in particular that we’ll be talking about is how advanced DAM systems and smart watermarking help to align your internal teams.

The Best Enterprise DAM Projects are About Much More than Marketing

A well-designed and properly implemented DAM solution ensures everyone that touches the creative asset pipeline can accelerate their work, reduce manual effort, and improve results for the business.

Many folks are familiar with the fundamentals of DAM for marketing: an improved ability to find, share, and reuse the organization’s images and videos. But Digital Asset Management systems can do much more than that. For a retailer, DAM systems can deliver applications that run the photo studio, the creative production department. DAM can accelerate ecommerce, deliver the right materials downstream to web, in-store displays, packaging development process, social, sales teams and so much more – basically DAM solutions can accelerate the heartbeat of the business to meet the ever-changing market.

Learn more about ecommerce merchandising best practices in our whitepaper.

On the upstream side, DAM can improve collaboration and transparency with agencies and suppliers, and massively reduce asset creation costs by eliminating redundancy.

Protect your brand assets with Digital Asset Management and Watermarking

As the creative pipeline gets more and more streamlined, the value of the assets in it goes way, way up. And that’s good news for your brand – until those assets are used in an unintended or fraudulent way.

Desk with coffee, pen, paper, phone, and laptop showing a watermarked image

Even the most “innocent” mistakes – a web designer in your own company who is in a rush and uses last year’s logo by accident, or someone who just likes your lifestyle shot and found it on Google images – can cause brand damage. And in the most severe, but increasingly common cases, product images are reused by counterfeiters and grey market merchants to sell fake or expired goods to your consumers.

Intelligent watermarking technology applied in enterprise DAM not only brings precision to your asset pipeline by reducing the number of these “innocent” errors, it also enhances traceability and accountability – so your legal team can take action and correct asset misuse before it does serious brand damage.

Using intelligent watermarking and enterprise DAM together truly brings your whole organization together, resulting in a better asset pipeline that makes your business faster and more nimble, reduces asset creation costs, and increases asset values. This combination allows you to protect brand asset investments on one hand, and identify misuse on the other.

This is good for everyone in the business.

Intrigued? Learn more about how DAM and watermarking can work together in this video.

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