An engineer in Lisbon videoconferences with a writer in California, a UX designer in Paris, and a product marketer in London. Colleagues in Japan wake up early (or their counterparts in New York stay up late) so they can collaborate with teammates to make our product better for customers. For Nuxeo, keeping communication lines open across time zones and language barriers is at the core of who we are as a company.

Global growth is in our DNA. So perhaps it’s no surprise that Nuxeo’s DAM platform was named a strong performer in The Forrester WaveTM: Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience, Q2 2018. Keep reading to find out more about Forrester’s scoring — and how Nuxeo equips today’s enterprises with modern DAM tools to manage rich content assets beyond borders.

The Forrester WaveTM 2018: Digital Asset Management for Customer Experience gave Nuxeo the highest score possible (5.0) in the content localization criterion. In order to receive this score, companies must demonstrate that their existing DAM product has capabilities such as cascading changes, multi-level inheritance, integration with translation products, and translated search capabilities. Our ability to deliver these best-in-breed capabilities are part of why our base of large media and entertainment industry customers continues to grow.

Managing digital assets can be difficult - even within a single team, in a single office. Add in the needs of a borderless global organization — from multilingual collaboration to international usage rights compliance — and the complexity balloons by orders of magnitude. If your marketing department uses digital assets in more than one country, excellent content localization capabilities are mission critical for delivering maximum return on DAM investments.

Disrupting the Hierarchy

Today’s global organizations regularly create digital assets with complex, intersecting metadata. An video advertisement might contain an actor, a piece of music, and a product. Each part of the ad has its own particular usage rights: an actor whose image can’t be used in one country due to a conflict with an exclusive contract, music that is only licensed for a specific time period and geographic region, and a product with a country-specific label.

Trying to make sure these pieces of data travel with all instances of the asset being used can be difficult with traditional DAM. One of the most unique features of the Nuxeo Platform is its non-hierarchical data model, which allows metadata to intersect and nest in complicated ways — to minimize compliance risk, and make life easier for your teams.

Take our example above. Using Nuxeo, the ad could be set to “inherit” metadata fields pertaining to usage rights from all three objects: the actor’s likeness, the music, and the product image. Other ads using any one of these components will also be linked to their respective objects. Then, when that piece of music becomes the theme for a controversial horror movie and you don’t want to associate it with your brand in any new campaigns, you can easily access every ad using the piece of music — making it easy to use other metadata to find out where they’ve been deployed, or to recut new versions that use a different song instead.

Access Assets Worldwide

Searching for and accessing rich media can be a time-consuming task when digital assets are distributed across a number of offices and systems. Nuxeo uses a distributed architecture to ensure fast search and download, even for the largest assets, no matter where in the world the data is physically located.

Nuxeo knows that global organizations depend on being able to search out assets wherever they are. Using Nuxeo’s platform, searches are done in a snap— no more annoying waits for search results that slow down research. Even small branch offices far from an organization’s HQ can search for and find content near-instantaneously.

After content has been discovered with search, Nuxeo makes downloading and accessing that content fast and convenient. Using cloud service content delivery networks and cross-region accelerators, Nuxeo makes it possible to keep assets from all over the globe at your fingertips, without slow downloads cramping your style. With Nuxeo Edge Cache, content download time is reduced up to 95 percent, with a 90 percent reduction in bandwidth consumption — all while maintaining security and permissions to keep sensitive data safe.

Approval Workflows Go Global

Acquiring approvals for a single completed marketing asset can be challenging when multiple countries, languages, and teams are involved. Ad hoc processes — emails, Slack conversations, and text messages — often dominate cross-country approvals, both when there’s no DAM system in place and when their DAM’s content localization capabilities are incapable of meeting their needs.

With Nuxeo, asset tagging can trigger specific localization workflows. For example, a company could create a process so that when asset tagging designates an image for use in France, the asset is automatically sent for machine translation (for example, by Lionbridge or SDL), while also simultaneously sent to a librarian for metadata translation and localization.

Manual human approvals and QA processes can also be automated for each location and language, ensuring that approvals from each location can be secured in time for content to be deployed effectively. As the demand for content continues to increase, automating these approval processes is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your “content factory” can create assets at scale.

Keep Versions Organized

To drive production of content at scale in the global enterprise, Nuxeo DAM also makes it easy to indicate and display asset relationships. With Nuxeo, “child” assets (that repurpose and localize content used in “parent” assets) can be easily visualized and stored in a way that makes sense for the tools and workflows used by each local team.

Tracking asset relationships makes it easier for your teams to stay on the same page. For instance, let’s say you’ve recently had a logo change. Using Nuxeo DAM, all content with the old logo can be found quickly, updated, and approved - improving brand consistency throughout your organization.

Repurposing and remixing content effectively is one of the best ways to stay ahead of competitors, but recombining content for global audiences can mean an explosion in the number of versions each new asset requires. With Nuxeo’s highly-scalable platform — capable of supporting tens of millions of rich media assets — re-versioning and atomizing content will never slow your searches down or make it more difficult to access content when you need it.

Improve Adoption With Localization

Of course, DAM installations are only useful when they’re actually used. User adoption and satisfaction are higher when content localization enables everyone to keep working with the language they know best.

Nuxeo’s multilingual user interface ensures that assets can quickly be localized by teams all over the world, without language barriers to prevent collaboration or reuse of content. Nuxeo even supports localized, multilingual configuration - ensuring that users in every location can adapt the platform to their unique needs.

Get More from DAM With Nuxeo

Scaling content operations in a global organization can be a daunting task — but with the Nuxeo Platform, the world can seem like a much smaller place. Keep communication lines open while improving brand consistency and automating manual and inefficient processes, using Nuxeo’s industry-leading content localization features.

We’re proud that Forrester identified Nuxeo’s content localization as providing superior capabilities.