Content customization done right is the ultimate win-win scenario - good for the user experience, good for the bottom line. 80 percent of marketers believe customized content works better than traditional content, while 82 percent of customers say they feel more positively about companies that use customization.

But when customization initiatives run into omnichannel demands, content needs can spiral out of control.

Customizing a single Facebook ad with just three variables, and four choices for each variable, means you’ll need 64 versions. But what happens when you want to go even further: running similar customized content in multiple channels, or customizing content based on just a single additional variable, can result in the need for hundreds (or even thousands) of custom assets, just for one omnichannel campaign.

Learn more about omnichannel best practices in our whitepaper.

Suddenly, win-win evaporates: your content team feels like they’ve lost the ability to get creative. Instead of creating new, high-value ideas, they’re stuck versioning and re-versioning similar pieces of content to create every necessary asset.

Now, there’s a better way to atomize and remix your content — with modern, intuitive digital asset management systems. Intelligently store and access atomized content to make it easier and faster than ever to combine copy, images, rich media, and more, all while letting your team store and save assets the way they’re used to doing, minimizing the stress of transition.

When you manage your digital assets with Nuxeo DAM, you can streamline and automate content workflows, freeing your managers and creatives from error-prone manual processes for content creation and review. When you’ve created a true “content factory” with digital asset management, omnichannel stops being a source of stress — and becomes a source of strength.

Content demand is ramping up, but it doesn’t mean you have to feel like content chaos is controlling your team. Let your teams get back to doing what they do best, with DAM that works with the way you do business.

Take charge of omnichannel before it becomes omnishambles.