Remember that time you fell in love with your content supply chain and vowed that no half-hearted digital asset management (DAM) system would ever strain that bond – until it did?

Your DAM’s true colors revealed themselves pretty quickly: software that wasn’t nearly as intuitive as you expected, increasingly sluggish search responses as your assets grew in number and complexity, and on top of it all, disheartening and costly integration hurdles.

Legacy DAM technology just can’t keep up with modern expectations. Without a robust and infinitely flexible system content services architecture that grows and changes with your enterprise, that legacy tech will continue to break your heart – no matter how many patches IT can muster. If your legacy solution can’t handle high search volumes, advanced searches, and conduct fast full-text searches of assets and metadata, it’s time to move on.

We believe your DAM should love you unconditionally.

On February 12th (just in time for Valentine’s Day) Henry Stewart and Nuxeo are hosting a webinar that will guide you in the quest for true and lasting Digital Asset Management love, with helpful signposts that include:

  • Six steps for finding a DAM that commits to you
  • How to unbreak your legacy DAM – and your heart
  • Getting back into the game after being burned by your Digital Asset Management
  • A trifecta of success stories to ground you in the reality of modern DAM

Your content supply chain means the world to your enterprise. Don’t let an unsatisfactory Digital Asset Management tear it asunder.

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