We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.

When Douglas Adams wrote those words in 2005, DAM systems weren’t much more than digital file cabinets to store the basics: two-dimensional photographs and graphics, simple animation files, CAD images, and video clips. Online collaboration was possible but limited, especially when dealing with slow-to-load, high bandwidth assets.

DAM technology has grown exponentially since then, but many of the issues users face today are essentially the same as they were 15 years ago. But just like file sizes, they’re a lot bigger. The way we access information has become increasingly intuitive, and the desire for speed and accuracy in virtually every aspect of work has morphed into outright demand.

Clunky, non-intuitive DAM platforms that impose complicated and time-consuming processes on users are still very common, even as the types and volume of content assets and the ways we need to access, view, and work on them continue to evolve. At Nuxeo, we love technology, but we feel the same frustrations that Adams did: we really want stuff that works.

Is your DAM System Pulling its Weight, or Is it About to Break?

The right DAM system should make your teams more efficient, not less. Modern DAM technology automates repetitive, time-consuming processes, and integrates features that make collaboration simple, direct, and enjoyable. Few things kill creativity and engagement like tedium. A feature-rich, agile DAM tool should sweep draining routines off the table and enable your teams to do more in less time, with a lot less aggravation and a heaping helping of happiness. In short, it will improve productivity.

That’s why native workflow capabilities are at the heart of the Nuxeo DAM platform. Nuxeo supports a full array of automation workflows to streamline end-to-end asset production. With annotation and threaded commenting capabilities that can be used directly from our DAM interface, cloud-based collaboration is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

DAM improved productivity

Managing and curating multiple versions of multiple assets in a legacy DAM system can be a major cause of “version vertigo,” that dizzying sensation of losing version control. Combing through a morass of duplicates to find the most accurate version of an asset shouldn’t be on anyone’s agenda. When your DAM system is a single source of truth for all assets, control is easily maintained. Users are able to easily find all the iterations of an asset, complete with the information about it that means the most to them.

Real World Functionality for Real Life

Let’s take a moment to talk about trade shows. Depending on size, enterprises may have a department or entire division devoted to every aspect of repeatedly designing, editing, producing, and managing thousands of infinitesimal - but critically important - details, including (but certainly not limited to): a mélange of display graphics; presentations; interactive video productions for kiosks, tablets, and cell phones; and an array of signage from tabletop notices to booth banners and beyond. Assets are often tailored for audiences that change from show to show.

Imagine having to wrestle with your DAM solution to find the most updated versions of critical creative components, scrolling through countless iterations, repeating as needed throughout the duration of your show season. Can you get all of the stakeholders in your project on the same page quickly and reliably to confirm changes and gather approvals? Now think about your rights and permissions protocols: if your DAM complicates those processes, the very technology that’s supposed to make the work easier can add unnecessary risk, increase the possibility of PR headaches and compliance issues, and, of course, slows productivity.

If finding assets remains a struggle, your DAM is holding you back

Nuxeo uses pioneering AI and machine learning technology to enable automatic tagging and metadata creation, including identification of people and objects in photographs, as well as sentiment analysis. Your content is more searchable, reusable, and easier to track. Our work-in-progress functionality allows you to flag assets for review, and review notifications can be automated directly in the DAM solution to keep production moving.

Rethink Digital Asset Management

If your DAM system works independently of the creative applications your teams depend on - or if you need to spend time, effort, and money to integrate those apps into your DAM - it’s time to rethink it. Nuxeo automatically syncs local drives to our DAM platform and integrates seamlessly across your marketing stack, easily accessible through your teams’ favorite applications.

We are committed to creating future-ready technology that’s also functionally delightful. We want to improve your team’s productivity by far, and we can’t say if that would get a thumbs up from Douglas Adams, but we can give you a deeper look at our DAM system.