Searching for files in your DAM system shouldn’t make your day feel less productive.

At Nuxeo, we’ve been listening to America’s biggest enterprises to learn how the evolution and present state of asset searching has impacted content management workflows. What we’ve discovered: One of the biggest impediments to efficiency and productivity when working with digital assets is still the speed of DAM search.

Nuxeo knows there’s a better way … because we’ve built one.

And we can prove it.

Why DAM Search Speed Matters: Rising Expectations

Forty years ago, accessing a photo from an organization’s archive involved making a request and someone physically looking through the files. DAM represented a sea change: retrieval from an archive could now be accomplished with a digital search, with results returned in seconds - not hours.

But the world today is a different place than it was in the beginning of DAM. In the late 1990s when DAM was in its infancy, web searches with could take 5-10 seconds or more, and many Americans had never even performed one.

Search Files

Today, expectations for search performance have been set by giants of the web, like Google and Amazon. Consumers are now used to search that’s fast, easy, and intuitive — without needing to worry that the size of the search index or complexity of their query will slow them down.

Those consumers take their expectations with them when they enter the workplace. Today’s business applications are judged not just by the standards of their direct competitors, but by the standards applied to consumer websites and apps.

A search that took 10 seconds might not have fazed your teams a decade ago — but today, it will seem like an eternity. Power searchers are hurt worst of all: your team members who are used to making rapid-fire revisions based on search results to narrow their parameters will feel slowed down and frustrated by search speeds of even a few seconds, because their expectations have been set by Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Fast DAM: Attention & Distraction

Personal and work email, social media, Slack channels, text messages, news alerts, phone calls. Distractions — mostly of the digital variety — have crept into the American work day.

Search Speed

According to research conducted by Udemy, more than one-third of Millennial and Gen Z workers spend at least two hours of their work day interacting with their smartphone for personal use. Two-thirds of all workers said they spent at least an hour each day on their smartphone. Social media networks were a major source of distraction, with over two-thirds of survey respondents citing Facebook as the biggest culprit.

Today’s distractions are just a quick glance away — in the next tab, or on the smartphone buzzing on the corner of an employee’s desk.

When searches take 5-10 seconds (or longer) to return, the result is a worker who is open to distractions. Just a minute or two of added distraction time, multiplied over the tens of thousands of searches conducted on an enterprise DAM system, can be a significant waste of resources.

Nuxeo Search Speed Benchmarks

Talking to customers about their DAM pain points made it clear to us that search speed matters — when legacy systems are slow, user irritation goes up and DAM adoption rates go down.

That’s why Nuxeo is serious about fast search. How serious? If a search takes you as long as the blink of an eye, we think that’s too slow.

The human eye takes between 100 and 400 milliseconds to blink once. Google takes 200 milliseconds to return search queries.

Fast DAM

According to Nuxeo’s benchmark tests (conducted on a DAM containing files ranging in size up to 40 GB), over 99 percent of simple and advanced search queries were completed in less than 50 milliseconds — two to eight times faster than a single blink.

Keep in mind, these searches aren’t limited to file names: with full-text searching and configurable advanced search capabilities, digital assets can be searched thoroughly and completely – all in about 10% of the time that it takes to snap your fingers.

Digital Asset Management Search That Scales

The amount of information stored in DAM solutions is growing at a tremendous rate, with no slowdown in sight. Personalized and targeted creative campaigns have created a voracious appetite for content in most enterprises. To accommodate the needs of today and tomorrow, a modern DAM system needs to be capable of searching vast quantities of files, including high-definition video and 3D renderings.

In order to test search performance at scale, we created DAM use cases with two different sizes. One had 500 million assets of up to 40 GB each, while the other contained a full billion. What our tests found may shock you:

There were no performance differences. Doubling the amount of content to be searched had negligible impact on search performance, as did intense volume spikes designed to simulate times of high content demand.

No other vendor has search performance like Nuxeo, because no other DAM solution is built on content services architecture like ours. When we say “limitless scalability,” it’s not hyperbole. We’re committing to the future of DAM, and of your organization.

The bottom line: There’s scalability — and then there’s scalability by Nuxeo. Find out more by downloading our scalability benchmark report today.

All of our benchmarks are also public.