Find out how one major CPG is making pasta sauce fly off the shelves with Digital Asset Management

Think of your favorite pasta sauce. What are the main ingredients? Tomatoes, peppers, oil, spices, and… endless emails. Wait, what?

It’s true, and sadly all too common. Along with the physical supply chain to create this product (from farm to factory to grocery store), there’s a digital supply chain that also helps to put food in your pantry. And without the right Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution in place, it’s often a pretty messy situation!

Next week I’ll be presenting a webinar on how one major consumer packaged goods (CPG) company is addressing this challenge.

Along with David Lipsey and the Henry Stewart team, I’ll be talking about 5 Ways To Get DAM Implementation Right—And One Big Mistake To Avoid.

We’ll be sharing the story of company that is leveraging a DAM system for all aspects of managing its rich content assets - from streamlining workflows and enabling ecommerce to ensuring fast, easy searches for videos, images, and more.

If you’re looking for a DAM solution, want to make your DAM initiative a roaring success, or wondering when and how to implement a DAM system as part of a larger digital transformation initiative, please join us!

During the webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Why making content discoverable across business silos boosts productivity and supports digital transformation efforts.
  • How to connect to other systems…even when they don’t exist. A question we often get is, I know I need a DAM, PIM, and WCM, but which should I do first? We’ll show you!
  • How and why a well-implemented DAM solution can be the key to unlocking massive revenue growth.
  • Why it’s important to stay flexible and nimble, and how to do so.
  • How to know if you’re being ambitious enough, or too ambitious.

You’re probably thinking at this point, this sounds interesting, but webinars are often dry, the slides are boring, and I have a lot of work to do.

I get that. That’s why we’re focusing on the pasta sauce. If this isn’t the most delicious webinar you’ve tasted attended, I promise to give your money back, or come over and cook.

Please join us. You can register here for the webinar Digital Asset Management Best Practices!