With the recent release of Nuxeo Document Management 5.4.2, administrators can now manage the dashboards within the application and related configuration. A new Dashboards section has been incorporated into the Admin Center to regroup everything connected to dashboards in Nuxeo:

  • Default user dashboard
  • Anonymous dashboard
  • External gadgets

Default user dashboard

The default user dashboard is configured through the Admin Center. It is displayed the first time a user accesses their own dashboard to initialize it to the default configuration.

Default user dashboard management: Admin-center-default-user-dashboard

User dashboard: Home-user-dashboard

As shown in the screenshot, there is also a new button on the User dashboard Restore to default that allows the user to restore the state of their dashboard to the default one configured by the administrator.

Anonymous dashboard

The anonymous dashboard configured in the Admin Center is the dashboard that will be seen by all anonymous users connecting to Nuxeo Document Management.

Anonymous dashboard management: Admin-center-anonymous-dashboard

Anonymous dashboard: Home-anonymous-dashboard
The anonymous dashboard reflects exactly the one configured by the administrators. Anonymous users cannot modify the layout and gadgets. They also don’t have access to the gadgets’ preferences.

External gadgets

Administrators can add and manage external gadgets from other applications or websites. Those gadgets will then be available on the gadgets listing when users manage their own dashboard through the Add gadget button.

External gadgets management: Admin-center-external-gadgets
The administrators can add, edit, delete and enable or disable each gadget.

Adding an external gadget to the dashboard: Webex-selection-gadget

Here is a dashboard with some external gadgets added: GitHub, Google Translate and WebEx. User-dashboard-external-gadgets