Last week, I had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Andy McCown of TBWA. We talked about some of the challenges he faced with legacy Digital Asset Management systems in the context of a large global company (TBWA is a top 10 advertising company) with 300 fairly independent business units, and how he’s addressed them with Nuxeo.

The challenges Andy talked about were primarily about restoring control and gaining cross-pollination, consolidation to make methods of cloud-based collaboration more seamless, and managing cost pressures and system overhead.

Andy shared three stories his team has addressed with Nuxeo:

1. Managing rights for complex global campaigns for a multinational product company
2. Three tailored use cases at Media Arts Lab: archiving TV ads, managing massive volumes of user-generated content, and is looking at work-in-progress use cases
3. Providing an unified DAM across the TBWA agency network & discovering surprising new use cases along the way

I encourage you to watch the webinar to learn more about Andy’s lessons for DAM bliss:

1. Agility
2. The importance of configuration and architecture
3. An openness to the unexpected, and
4. Thinking about incentives and leverage.

You’ll also get a quick overview from me about how how Nuxeo is revolutionizing Digital Asset Management, and a great discussion with David Lipsey of Henry Stewart to close.

Watch the full video here:

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