Many users of the Nuxeo Content Services Platform use Nuxeo Studio to build and customize their applications. In some cases, the plugins they want to create also require writing a bit of Java code using the Nuxeo IDE.

Sometimes, you might even want to create a plugin and make it available to others through the Nuxeo Marketplace.

Whether you decide to build one for yourself, or for others as well, we want to help you get off on the right track. We’re holding a webinar on June 19th to show you how to develop and deploy plugins using Nuxeo Studio and the Nuxeo IDE.

Mike Obreski is going to demonstrate how it’s done by showing you how he built his own plugin - the EasyShare plugin. The EasyShare plugin enables you to share documents stored in the Nuxeo Platform with external users. This is file sharing made easy!

EasyShare Download PageEasyShare Download Page

What Mike realized is that many people are sharing files via email, and that can be a cumbersome thing, especially if you think about making changes to the document and pulling everything together. And what about security? You’re also risking the information in that document by sharing it via email.

The EasyShare plugin enables you to create a Folder and share it with external recipients. You can also specify an expiration date, a contact email and a comment visible to the recipient when they access the page.


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