Part of the Nuxeo team attended Devoxx France last week. If you don't know about Devoxx, It's an independent Java developer conference. This was the first French edition and I must say it went amazingly well for a first try, so kudos to the 20-person organizing team for pulling this off so smoothly.

We attended many, many different and interesting sessions. There's a lot to say so I'll try to be short. And all the sessions will be available on Parleys anyway :)

I'll start with a very inspiring talk given by Alexandre Bertails: Linked Data - Big Data at Web scale. The web of data is here, and vendors have to step up. Nuxeo is already engaged in it through the Apache Stanbol project. This talk made me want to look more into RDFa, WebID and WebACLs.

There was a lot of interests in new languages. This is not new and reflects what's been going on for a while on the Internet. So I went to the Ceylon and the Kotlin talks. It's funny how those two, as well as many new languages, want to address the same issues, like Java verbosity and null pointer safety. Most Java developers write defensive code, with the sole purpose of handling null objects, making the code less clear than it should be. New languages also have to be compatible with Java. Kotlin does a great job at this. Seamless debugging with Java and Kotlin in intellij was quite impressive.

If I would have to choose, I think I'd go for Celyon. I like their approach, summed up by a simple tagline 'say more, more clearly'. This is a very important factor for an enterprise language, and a requirement for an open source software vendor, like Nuxeo. Our code has to be easy to read/understand.

You could really see an interest in Java7. There were talks about JVM bytecode and invokedynamic, which are in a sense linked to the new language trend, and also some talks about the new stuff in Java7, like project coin or NIO2. I really liked the one by Jean-Michel Doudoux, who did a small demo every time he introduced a new feature of NIO2. It was very instructive.

There were also some talks about client/server architecture. I saw the one from James Ward. He basically said that the client is now Javascript + HTML + CSS. It's more than a trend, it's already here. I'll try to show you how it can be done with WebEngine in a future blog post. This will be the time to test Webjars, a tool that he presented during his talk. It's a Maven repo of web libraries wrapped into JAR files.

The last talk I saw was really unique -- it was a live episode of Les Cast Codeurs, the French Java Posse. We had a lot of fun. You can listen to the episode here to learn more about Devoxx France 2012. Thanks to Atlassian for providing the beer :-D

So this was a really interesting week for me, because I attended both the Jenkins User Conference and Devoxx France. I now have a list of things I need to try or look into. Here are some of them:

Now I will go back to my usual blog posting pace ;-) See you on Friday!