While digital transformation is disrupting virtually every industry around the world, higher education is among those particularly impacted by major technological and generational changes. Today’s college students, raised since birth in a digital, media-saturated world, arrive on campus with high expectations for personalized digital experiences.

A recent report by Digital Clarity Group found that 81% of college students surveyed in the U.S. and U.K. said the extent to which an institution embraces digital innovation, is an important factor in deciding whether to attend. The report also warned that a university’s inability to meet digital expectations of today’s students will inevitably reduce the quantity and quality of students enrolling in their programs. Digital transformation in higher education is therefore not only crucial, but also time-sensitive.

Digital transformation success requires a strategy, including:

  • Truly understanding end users and the digital experiences they want and need. This includes not only customers, but also employees, work teams and departments.
  • Applying digital transformation technologies that match unique organizational needs. Technology investments for digital transformation must not be made without fully understanding end user behaviors and expectations.
  • Collaborating on digital initiatives across departments.

Many organizations not only manage key content in silos, but their digital initiatives are managed in isolation as well - a recipe for failure.


A recent case study featuring Unizin embodies the strategic planning and tactical execution essential for successful digital transformation.

Unizin is the largest higher education system in the U.S., serving over 20 leading institutions with over 900,000 students. Unizin was established to enable the digital transformation of higher education teaching and learning environments for a new generation of students.

“Today’s students have a more diverse array of learning needs than in years past,” Etienne Pelaprat, Director of Product Management for Unizin, recently told Nuxeo. “Our member universities are looking to Unizin to help them utilize new technologies to provide more engaging and effective digital learning experiences.”

Making the most of Nuxeo’s schema-flexible content model, extensible REST API, and workflow engine, Unizin provides its member institutions with a flexible and adaptable platform of innovation to develop, share and access entirely new types of digital course content well beyond traditional lectures and textbooks.

Read the full Unizin case study to discover how the Nuxeo Platform enables Unizin to digitally transform today’s teaching and learning strategies to optimize student outcomes.