JavaOne 2007 is in a few days
now, and we'll be giving a talk about Nuxeo 5.

The talk has ID
(in the Java EE track), and takes place on Thursday the 10th at
5:30 pm in Hall E - 134. The title of the session is
Building an Embeddable Enterprise Content Management Core with the Latest
Java Technologies

This is a great opportunity if you want to discover more about how Nuxeo 5
is architected, see demos of the product, or talk to us about technical or
business-related questions.

As a teaser, here's the overview of the talk:

Learn about the design and use of Nuxeo 5, an embeddable, extensible
Enterprise Content Management framework for Java EE and other


  • What is Enterprise Content Management
  • What do we want to achieve
  • Core Framework
  • Core and High-Level Services
  • UI Layers
  • Extensible and Pluggable
  • Using the Framework

See you in San Francisco!