One year ago, Nelson implemented a sandbox for Nuxeo Automation. On that application, one could test each operation by providing some values to the operation parameters and run it. The project stayed “underground” for a while. Then three months ago, we thought this could be the basis of an awesome API playground and extended the scope of the project.


Nelson and his teammate at Inevo worked on implementing the new specs. We now have at a cool site to discover the Nuxeo Platform API.

From there, you can connect to a remote online Nuxeo Content Services Platform server and

  • Browse its content,
  • Browse its structure: schemas and properties, facets, document types,
  • Play with the resources endpoints of our REST API, and
  • Play with the command endpoints (Automation) of our REST API.

API_Playground_headersFor each of the rest calls, you can set specific headers that are accepted by the API :

  • Nuxeo-Transaction-Timeout,
  • X-NXDocumentProperties, and
  • X-NXRepository.

For automation calls, you can set input (selecting a doc or a file) and parameters. API_Playground_responseThen you can watch the result of the request:

  • The full body (with a download link if it is a file), and
  • The headers.

You can also copy paste a cURL command to reproduce the exact same REST call!

We hope this playground will help people learn more about our API. More improvements will come at the beginning of the summer. We will add support for the batch upload endpoint and will also come up with user experience improvements.

The project is also quite interesting from a technical point of view. Nelson used Dart language and web components (Polymer DART). Some custom web components were implemented: connection to Nuxeo, graphical components leveraging semantic-ui. Nelson will probably do a blog about this soon!