Hello !

Today, no big deal, no big announce, just a little feature I am very often asked when going at the customers'.  People often wants to have a "News publishing" feature. We don't speak about the big corporate top-down communication tool, but just a simple mean to communicate information to the DMS users. Although not OOTB in Nuxeo DM, this feature is though very easy to implement as a plugin. I let the plugin attached to the post if you want to try. Please, note it is just a demo, and you would probably want to adjust some behaviours or extend the features.

What I did is redirecting systematically the user to the dashboard page when he connects. The dashboard page in Nuxeo is very useful : it gives you a personalized view of the repository content : which documents are yours, which workspaces you belong to, what the last published documents are, ... It really makes sense to first see this view before going on the browsing interface.  On this dashboard view, I added a new entry that I called "The projects' news" which displays the last 3 published news. A news is an article with a title, a body and a file that would propose, in my scenario, the "complete version" of the news. But you can consider it as attachement, or whatever you want. This dashboard entry is diferrent from its sibbling on the same page because it really displays the full HTML content of the news, not just the title in a line of a table.

To make those news appear in the welcome page, you have to create a Note document in a workspace, fill the title and the body,optionnaly attach a file and most of all publish it in the  "News" section. I consider here you now how to publish a document in Nuxeo, and also how to create this "News" Section. Anyway it is a matter of 2 or 3 clicks. With this plugin, every user having wirte permission in a workspace and in the "News" section will have the right to publish the document. If he doesn't have the write permission on the "News" section, then a validation worklow is automatically fired.

I really find this simple and efficient, that's why I want to share :-)

Here is the plugin. Note I did it for post 5.2.0 version, which should not be a probleme anyway on 5.2.0 Download Com-sample-newsinwelcomepage-5.2.1-I20090728_0305

And here are the sources, I will commit it in the sample box in Nuxeo soure repository in two weeks.Download Com-sample-newsinwelcomepage-5.2.1-I20090728_0305-sources