DockerThis past May 27th in Brooklyn, New York, we were happy to host our first meetup. This one was a Docker Meetup and our own Damien Metzler presented our use of Docker in, our new hosted service for Nuxeo Platform clusters.

We had a great turn out. Damien walked through Nuxeo’s goals for cloud-based content management. We started with Nuxeo OnDemand, and while it was good, it didn’t meet all the requirements we had for a cloud-based offering. Which was why we developed had to fill a number of needs. It had to:

  • Be scalable,
  • Offer quick provisioning,
  • Enable easy setup,
  • Provide an easy upgrade process,
  • Automate healing, and
  • Be easy to test.

So where does Docker fit? It enables quick provisioning, automated healing and is easy to test. Not bad to get three out six on that must have list.

Damien took us through the details of how Docker meets these requirements. Then he walked us through the other technologies that we either integrated (such as CoreOS, etcd and fleet) or created ourselves (Gogeta and Arken) to help fill the other requirements.

In all it was a great meetup. Great people, great food, great conversation about Docker and Whether you were able to attend or not, the event was recorded so you can listen in and hear it from Damien first hand. We also dropped the slides here in case you want to review them.

[NYC Meetup] Docker at Nuxeo from Nuxeo

Check out the video of the Docker Meetup.

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