DockerLast week we hosted the fifth Docker Paris Meetup.

It’s nice to see this topic attracting so many people. Most of the attendees were developers. There were a few ops and/or devops. This gives us a pretty good idea of the changes happening in that sector. Developers are taking back more and more control over the complete life cycle of an application. It’s especially true for deployment phases thanks to tools like Docker and Ansible.


We had three different talks: one about boot2docker by its creator Steeve Morin, another one about Docker in the enterprise world by Adrien Blind and Arnaud Mazin from Octo, and a third about the architecture we foresee for by Damien Metzler.

Boot2docker is the recommended way to use Docker on Mac OS. It became official with their latest 0.8 release. Steeve gave us a nice overview of all the processes he went through, starting from a weekend project to the most optimized way to run Docker anywhere.

The Octo guys gave us a very complete presentation on how Docker fits in traditional enterprise workflow/software factories. They showed us a series of scenarios for where and how you could integrate it.

Damien talked about the PaaS architecture we are planning for It’s based on CoreOS and Flynn layer 0.